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As the network expands, IT needs a simpler, more scalable, more flexible way to manage connectivity. What they need is the cloud. Get insights from Forrester on why you need cloud-managed networking.

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The network is mission critical. Organizations that leverage a cloud-based network management solution can scale easily — across the campus or multiple sites — and overcome the following challenges.

Network management and security are increasingly complex

Increases in remote work, IoT devices for smart buildings, asset tracking, and location services all strain the network and increase security risks. A centralized cloud-based management system can help.

IT teams are overwhelmed

More than ever, IT teams are tied up in day-to-day management tasks and troubleshooting, giving them less time to support business objectives. Cloud-based automation frees up their valuable time.

Using too many management tools creates inefficiency

IT teams currently use multiple systems and management tools to support more users, sites, and devices than ever. Organizations need a different solution to swivel-chair management and inefficient manual tasks. They’ll find it in the cloud.

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In just a few easy steps, find out how to accelerate your digital transformation and tap into all the benefits of the cloud. The advisory tool will help you get started.

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