Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay

Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay Leverages Aruba Technology to Introduce High Performance Free Wi-Fi for Guests

As Director of IT for the first Steigenberger hotel in the UAE, Dinto Joseph was quick to realize the need for investing in a state-of-the-art wireless connectivity infrastructure.

“Our chain of hotels sets high standards for all services including Wi-Fi as this is now a factor that greatly contributes to our guests’ positive experience. Especially in the Middle East where tech-savvy travelers are equipped with an average of three smart devices, the need for high-speed wireless services is imperative,” said Joseph.

Brand Standards Necessitate High Quality Wi-Fi

Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay

The hotel aimed to assure reliability and future-proof its network infrastructure while enhancing guest experience by addressing the needs of business and leisure travelers who increasingly utilize internet-enabled mobile devices. This meant deploying free Wi-Fi across the 365 guest rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants and other public areas.

“We always welcome innovative ideas based on the ever changing nature of the hospitality industry and demands of guests,” said Adeeb Ahamed, Managing Director, Twenty14 Holdings, the company that owns the Steigenberger Hotel.

Guided by Maxtouch Computers, a UAE-based IT solutions provider, Joseph and his team reviewed technologies from leading vendors. The team’s diligent market survey found that Aruba, with its numerous successful high-profile deployments in the hospitality sector, stood out from the pack.

A Network Tailored for Performance and Budget

The multifunctional Aruba 103 series wireless access points (APs) were selected for deployment in the rooms so as to maximize mobile device performance while minimizing interference from cellular networks.

The overall customer satisfaction with our hotel’s Wi-Fi service scores high and this is the best measure of success. Based on our experience, Aruba’s solution exceeds expectations and we highly recommend it for the hospitality sector.
Dinto Joseph, Director of IT at The Steigenberger Hotel, Business Bay Dubai

For the higher bandwidth requirements and connection densities of the meeting rooms, restaurants and public areas, Aruba 200 series APs were deployed. These gigabit Wi-Fi capable APs support 802.11ac, the latest and fastest standard for wireless technologies.

Similarly, Aruba’s rugged 270 series 802.11ac capable APs were used to provide coverage in the outdoor areas while remaining aesthetically appealing and tolerant to harsh weather conditions.

Simplifying management and troubleshooting with mobility controllers

The hotel has also utilized two Aruba 7200 series mobility controllers to simplify management of its new Wi-Fi network.

“With 422 APs across our property it is labor intensive to manually configure and troubleshoot each physical device. This would also undoubtedly cause inconvenience to guests whose comfort is our highest priority,” said Joseph.

“The mobility controllers allow us to centrally manage the entire Wi-Fi network, automatically update APs and ensure everything is running smoothly with the minimum amount of time and effort,” he added.

All systems were deployed across the hotel in under a month, a testament to the ease of installation of Aruba’s technologies and the expertise and professionalism of MaxTouch Computers.

A comprehensive network solution from a single vendor

In addition to the wireless technology from Aruba, the hotel installed HP 5406-44G core switches and HP Edge switches for IDF services.

The network is designed as a converged network in which data, voice and video services are running on a single network infrastructure with complete failover redundancy from core to edge level.

The core network is designed to physically separate the guest services and admin office services to achieve the highest security.

Long Term Commitment to Guest Satisfaction

The hotel’s guests have already responded very positively to the internet service as it delivers good coverage and excellent performance. Backed by this confidence, The Steigenberger Hotel, Business Bay now intends to utilize the Wi-Fi infrastructure as a platform to deploy guest fronting Wi-Fi enabled smart devices for room management and other services that drive guest enablement.

“The overall customer satisfaction with our hotel’s Wi-Fi service scores high and this is the best measure of success. Based on our experience, Aruba’s solution exceeds expectations and we highly recommend it for the hospitality sector,” said Joseph.

“Aruba’s strengths in the hospitality sector are evident as they provide a very impressive range of solutions that deliver Wi-Fi coverage in line with the high expectations and ever increasing needs of today’s travelers,” he concluded.


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