What is the Intelligent Edge?

Intelligent Edge Explained

The Edge is where people, devices, and IoT connect to the network edge.

The Intelligent Edge harnesses modern IT infrastructure to transform this Edge activity and data into actionable insights to deliver better business outcomes, optimized operations, and enhanced products and experiences.

Why the Intelligent Edge

Expanding on the benefits of the mobile and cloud eras, the next big shift is the Era of Data and Insights where massive amounts of Edge data from users, devices, and IoT are gathered, analyzed, and actioned using AI and automation to deliver better business intelligence, operations, and results.

Traditionally, corporate networks connect employees to their data, applications, and services. Now, networks must manage and leverage the increased volume, velocity and variety of data, traffic, and sources – especially from IoT.

Instead of transmitting all data from billions of IoT devices and applications to a central data center or cloud, new business outcomes are coming from the combination of compute, storage, networking, and applications acting on data in real-time or near real-time at the edge while still maintaining secure and reliable connectivity to the cloud.

Modern infrastructure, security, analytics, and tools are critical to maximize performance and value from Edge networks.

How Aruba ESP powers the Intelligent Edge

Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform) is the industry’s first AI-powered, cloud-native platform to automate, unify, and protect the Edge. Aruba ESP provides an architecture that is:

  • Unified: Gain context, visibility, and control of all domains with ease and efficiency. Aruba’s Unified Infrastructure simplifies and improves IT and IoT operations with a cloud-native single pane of glass for WLAN, LAN, and SD-WAN across campus, branch, remote worker, and data center locations.
  • AI-powered and automated: Automatically monitor and fix your Wi-Fi, wired, and SD-WAN environments with Aruba AIOps. With actionable insights derived from 1.5 billion data points gathered daily, you can predict and address issues before they impact users, reduce mean time to issue resolution by up to 90%, and increase network capacity by as much as 25%.
  • Secure: Increase protection without adding to the complexity of your network. Aruba ESP offers edge-to-cloud security, with a built-in foundation for Zero Trust and SASE frameworks. This provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that span visibility, control, and enforcement to address the requirements of a decentralized and IoT-dense network infrastructure.
  • Flexible aaS and financing options: Respond to rapidly changing business requirements, manage tight budgets, and easily deploy the latest networking technologies. Aruba infrastructure is available as a service. Flexible financing options are available with aaS as well as separately.
Aruba Edge Services Platform (ESP) Architecture

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