JustCo elevates the co-working experience with Aruba’s mobile-first technologies

Delivering innovative and secure experiences for the Smart Digital Workplace

Justin Chiah, Senior Director and General Manager, South East Asia and Taiwan for Aruba joins hands with Lu Liu, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer for JustCo

SINGAPORE, March 6, 2019 – Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, and JustCo, one of Asia’s leading premium flexible workspace providers backed by Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC, and multi-national property company, Frasers Property Limited, today announced a strategic partnership focused on the implementation of Aruba’s Experience Edge solutions at the JustCo Marina One centre. In line with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative and its ambition to create an innovation-based entrepreneurial ecosystem, Aruba will be working with JustCo to deliver a Smart Digital Workplace at its Marina One centre — a tech-enabled modern workspace which aims to enable creativity, collaboration, mobility and increased productivity amongst its members.

JustCo will be piloting a smart digital workspace with tech-powered tools that will facilitate and connect members based on their preferences within the JustCo community. This workspace is set to enhance productivity and bring convenience to members through a seamless process via the JustCo App. For example, members can book meeting rooms and at the same time, make special requests, manage guest invitations, and enjoy usage of a smart lock to access meeting rooms. At the same time, the new mobile interface will also feature an in-built map which enables in-space navigation by independently locating the nearest available meeting room, work desk, or even a fellow colleague, through an indoor GPS experience dedicated to JustCo’s co-working spaces. JustCo will also engage space utilisation analytics to track and evaluate how often are spaces being effectively used – a technology that allows JustCo to create a workspace that is productive and conducive to its members.

In the age of cloud computing, cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT), coupled with the rising need to attract and retain talents, changing demographics and digitised workflows, there is an increasing demand for tech-enabled physical workspaces. A recent study conducted by Aruba1 revealed that over 70 percent of people in Asia Pacific reported a positive impact to their productivity and cited improved collaboration when working in spaces with widespread use of new workspace technologies. As such, businesses and IT professionals are now on the hunt for solutions that are most essential to the modern-day workspace without inherent concerns of increased complexity or cost of their technology environment.

This is especially pertinent in Asia Pacific where businesses2, looking to control costs and foster an increased sense of an innovative community amongst employees, are driving the adoption of co-working spaces in the region. In Singapore alone, co-working spaces have grown 42 per cent since 2017, and are set to make up 20 per cent of Singapore’s office market by 20203. As such, there are pressures for co-working centres in Singapore to rapidly innovate the way they deliver enhanced, secure and seamless experiences.

“Future workspaces are set to become smarter and more digital in order to foster a collaboration-based workstyle, with technology being a key enabler. We are excited to partner with Aruba to leverage their deep-rooted experience in building a Smart Digital Workspace, which will propel us to become Asia’s leading flexible shared workspace provider,” said Kong Wan Sing, JustCo founder and CEO.

“At FAVE, each day is very different and dynamic. The technology sector places very high demands on flexibility, mobility, speed, connectivity and scalability, especially for FAVE who operates in 3 countries. The JustCo workspace has been great in meeting our team’s needs – whether they are on-demand booking of meeting rooms, collaborative spaces for brainstorming sessions, accommodating our teams from the region or high-speed connectivity. This makes networking and communication with teams based in other regions so much more efficient,” said Ng Aik-Phong, Managing Director of FAVE.

A tech-enabled workspace will not only boost staff engagement and productivity, but also enables mobile working which underpins activity-based work. With disruption and uncertainty becoming status quo for businesses, workspaces must be flexible to handle the more transient needs of its employees. As such, this strategic partnership between Aruba and JustCo will allow both businesses to leverage and tap on one another’s expertise, to curate a tech-enabled smart digital workspace.

“The future of work will be defined by smart work experiences – this means a combination of right technologies with best workspace design to enable creativity, collaboration, speed and freedom. We are proud to partner with JustCo, one of Asia’s leading co-working space providers, to create the Smart Digital Workspace experience for its co-working spaces in Singapore” said Justin Chiah, Senior Director – South East Asia and Taiwan, HPE Aruba.

About Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company
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About JustCo
Founded in 2011, JustCo is one of Asia’s leading premium flexible workspace providers. At JustCo, we believe that working together, is working better. We continually challenge and redefine collaborative working, connecting like-minded and dynamic communities in open and creative work spaces.

In JustCo’s powerful ecosystem, businesses of all shapes and sizes can harness the benefits of the network effect. JustCo’s range of curated events, networking sessions and strategic partnerships allow members to find collaboration opportunities, gain insights, and help drive success and innovation to each other’s business.

With uniquely-transformed workspaces, JustCo goes beyond a sharing economy. By 2020, we aim to be a strong driving force behind the commercial real estate market across Asia and empower our ever-growing community with exceptional workplace flexibility and experiences.

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