Young woman speaking using an airport Wi-Fi network to speak on a mobile phone

Test and monitor apps across wired, wireless, WAN, and cloud

Ensure that service levels are met by using AI-powered insights that focus on your end users.

Preempt user complaints with an easy-to-deploy solution

As new or modified apps are deployed, IT can quickly validate performance and spot issues.

Simulate actual user experience

Our network sensors fill a gap left by most monitoring tools—what users see when using apps. Observe and improve user experience by using pre-built tests or easily build your own with an intuitive, cloud-based dashboard.

Test any app on any network

Validate all aspects of connectivity to apps running locally, in data centers, or the cloud. Capture network diagnostics from wired, wireless, or WAN—no matter which vendor’s network you’ve deployed.

Identify root cause in one click

When a test fails, IT is instantly alerted to the issue. In one click from the dashboard, determine if it’s a network or application issue, which users or sites are impacted, and what to fix.

Deliver 24/7 assurance for users, networks, and applications

User and application testing is part of Aruba’s portfolio of monitoring and analytics solutions that assure the highest levels of network and application performance.

Instant user experience monitoring for any app and network

User Experience Insight (UXI) sensors enable continuous monitoring and testing for wired, wireless, and WAN. AI-powered insights into network health and performance help IT detect and remediate issues before they become bigger problems.

Aruba Central screen featuring

End-to-end network assurance from a single pane of glass

UXI-enabled metrics are integrated with Aruba Central, a cloud-native solution that enables unified management of wired, Wi-Fi, and SD-WAN. Eliminate siloes and simplify the way networks are designed, deployed, and managed.

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