Networking standards and industry certifications

To support new and emerging requirements for mobile, IoT, and wired connectivity, a majority of the networking industry — composed of member companies that manufacture devices, chipsets, and infrastructure — design products that undergo certification based on industry standards.

Key Benefits


When manufacturers design products that adhere to industry standards, everyone wins. Interoperability ensures that any network supports full compatibility for your clients — and vice versa.


Certification is a rigorous review, testing, and compliance process that ensures devices made by different manufacturers support the latest device capabilities such as speed, performance, and security.


With adherence to certifications, capabilities that vendors would not otherwise plan for are required for them to become certified. This ensures consistent user experience, connectivity, and feature support.

Backwards Compatibility

For added economic value, certification guarantees that no device is left behind when new wireless or wired standards become ratified. This means that a legacy device can still be supported on modern infrastructure.

The value of certifications

The value of certifications

Many enterprise, operator, and consumer networking products adhere to industry standards by undergoing certification. Through rigorous testing by 3rd party labs, Aruba’s products are validated for interoperability and feature compatibility.

Check out what's new

Aruba APs are now Wi-Fi 6E certified

It’s official! Aruba Wi-Fi 6E APs are now Wi-Fi Alliance Certified.

Aruba Central is now FedRAMP Authorized

Governments, whether Federal, state, or local, typically have more stringent security controls and less tolerance for risk than the private sector, and the FedRAMP program improves confidence in cloud security and security assessments so that organizations can adopt cloud and minimize risk.

Gen 2 PoE certification

The launch of the Gen 2 PoE certification program expands test coverage and EA certified logos to include all PoE standards, including IEEE 802.3af™, IEEE 802.3at™, and IEEE 802.3bt™.

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