Indoor access points

Discover indoor access points (APs) that support the latest in Wi-Fi standards and AI capabilities. Deployable in almost any environment.

Not all indoor environments are the same

That’s why we provide the widest range of access points to deliver high performance, efficiency, and security.
  • We’ve invested in a full range of Wi-Fi certified indoor APs to support enterprise growth in devices, mobility, and IoT.
  • AI is built into our APs to optimize user experience and eliminate sticky client issues.
  • To meet the needs of diverse enterprises, we offer the flexibility to manage wireless networks on premises or in the cloud using HPE Aruba Networking Central.

The difference in our products

Discover how we can better support connectivity for modern devices — even in the densest of environments.

The latest advancements in wireless technology

Uses HPE Aruba Networking ClientMatch, OFDMA, MU-MIMO, and TWT to maximize network capabilities and allow for multiple high-bandwidth connections at any given time.

IoT-ready, right from the start

HPE Aruba Networking APs include support for Zigbee and Bluetooth to simplify the deployment and management of IoT services.

Always-on Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi 6 and beyond APs provide resiliency and flexibility for 24/7 network access at multi-gigabit speeds — even during maintenance and unplanned outages. Plus, HPE Aruba Networking Air Pass provides seamless transitions from cellular to Wi-Fi for data and voice.

Compare access points

Quickly compare our APs. Find the right one for your specific needs.

650 Series

  • Our most powerful Wi-Fi 6E indoor access point
  • Up to 7.8 Gbps combined peak datarate
  • High availability with configurable 5 Gbps dual Ethernet ports

630 Series

  • High-capacity Wi-Fi 6E access point
  • Up to 3.9 Gbps combined peak datarate
  • Up to seven 160 MHz channels in 6 GHz

610 Series

  • Compact, affordable Wi-Fi 6E access point
  • Dual radio, tri-band architecture
  • Up to 3.6 Gbps combined peak datarate (when operating in 5 GHz and 6 GHz)

550 Series

  • Flagship Wi-Fi 6 campus access point
  • Ideal for extreme-density mobile and IoT environments
  • Support for 8x8 or dual 4x4 5Ghz radios

530 Series

  • High-performance Wi-Fi 6 campus access point
  • Ideal for high-density mobile and IoT deployments
  • Support for bi-directional MU-MIMO

510 Series

  • Mid-range Wi-Fi 6 campus access point
  • 2.5 Gbps Smart Rate port
  • Ideal for campus deployments

500 Series

  • Entry-level Wi-Fi 6 campus access point
  • Full-feature support with 802.3af PoE
  • Ideal for medium-density deployments
AP 503

503 Series

  • Most cost-effective Wi-Fi 6 indoor access point
  • Full feature support with 802.3af POE
  • Option to add IoT support with expansion radio

303 Series

  • Low-cost Wi-Fi 5 campus access point
  • Ideal for medium-density enterprise environments

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Introducing the first enterprise‑grade Wi‑Fi 6E solution

Introducing the first enterprise‑grade Wi‑Fi 6E solution

Aruba Wi-Fi 6E solutions extend the same Wi-Fi 6 capabilities into the 6 GHz band to allow more capacity, wider channels, and less interference.

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