Hewlett Packard Enterprise

A digital workplace, powered by Aruba solutions, drives productivity, cost savings and innovation at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Mobility has forever changed the nature of work, and it is Brently Davis's mission to create a digital workplace for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) employees and visitors.

"We wanted to transform key global sites with Aruba networking to enable the digital workplace," says Davis, director of corporate IT services.

Embracing a Mobile-First Workplace

We wanted to transform key global sites with Aruba networking to enable the digital workplace. Brently Davis, Director of Corporate IT Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

As the foundation of digital workplace, 34 HPE offices from California to Beijing were outfitted with Aruba solutions. With a mobile-first network, people can move faster, boosting productivity and collaboration. An intelligent workplace is more efficient for everyone.

To create a smarter, high-density network, the IT team deployed Aruba access points and 7240 Series and 7220 Series Mobility Controllers. AirWave is used to optimize the Wi-Fi experience and ClearPass provides strong security.

"The ability to make employees mobile is the biggest benefit," says Davis. "From a facilities standpoint, there are no wires, which has many benefits."

Creating a Better Experience for Everyone

"Beyond cost savings, using Aruba solutions allows us to provide seamless wireless network service, monitor the network meticulously, and future-proof the network for the next generation of devices, which is the Internet of Things," says Rich Zarei, network engineer, HPE.

Workers can move freely about the office, from their desks to meeting rooms and collaborative spaces, without a thought to plugging in or getting a strong Wi-Fi signal. Desk phones are eliminated, and people make phone calls and collaborate right from their mobile devices. And that better matches today's fluid style of work.

Even demanding applications like VoIP work well. "Skype call quality has improved compared to benchmarks on the legacy wireless and wired networks," says Zarei.

Counting up bottom-line savings

There are cost advantages of a digital workplace, too. Salespeople and other employees on the road can take advantage of shared workspaces wherever they go. With fewer people in the office at the same time, HPE can reduce its real estate needs, which can save significant dollars.

When moving into new offices, there's no need to pull wires, which speeds deployment time and cuts capital expenses. A cubicle can cost $300 to $500 to wire, and when multiplied across thousands of employees, that's a big savings.

A digital workplace is simpler to plan. "Before, you needed to understand where each person is going to sit, because, for instance, an engineer will need a certain set of services," says Zarei. "But now, people can sit anywhere and IT can deliver the appropriate services right to them."

AirWave Simplifies Monitoring and Managing a Global Network

IT uses AirWave to gain granular visibility into the global wireless network and monitor the health and performance of all connected devices.

"Using AirWave lets us manage the infrastructure and user experience more proactively," says Zarei.

IT can monitor client behavior and proactively troubleshoot client issues. The detail is unparalleled, giving IT staff the insight they need to resolve the situation.

"We can use client-specific data in AirWave to troubleshoot problems," says Zarei. "We can look up a person by device name and find stats, such as how often the client re-associates, which APs they've re-associated with, or figure out it if it's an interference problem."

AirWave is also essential to identify rogue APs and clients, strengthening network security. 

ClearPass Solves Device Security Challenges

ClearPass is used to provide context-aware security for employee and guest mobile devices. ClearPass automates policy enforcement to ensure that only wanted users and devices are allowed to connect.

For employees, access to the appropriate resources is automatic, regardless of access method or device ownership.

ClearPass has made guest access more secure too. Now, employees have a simple and fast way to sponsor network access for visitors.

"Using ClearPass to authenticate devices in a secure manner, including IoT devices, makes our job much easier," says Zarei.

Ready for How People Work Today

Research shows that mobility lets workers be more productive, which increases satisfaction and loyalty, and HPE is no exception. HPE is embracing a digital workplace to improve our employee experience and to create smarter, more efficient workspaces with intelligent meeting rooms and location services. That's because satisfied, productive employees are more likely to drive innovation for our customers.