AIOps Solutions for IT

Automated troubleshooting and optimization intelligence for today’s Edge networks.

It’s increasingly difficult to manage the complexity of today’s networks using legacy tools and manual processes as management systems haven’t kept pace. Aruba AIOps automatically identifies and helps IT solve user, IoT, and network issues — before your business is impacted or users call for assistance.


    The 4 toughest challenges IT faces with today’s dynamic workplace.

    Remote employees, network issues, and the lack of reliable troubleshooting data leads to time lost and IT inefficiences. We break down IT’s biggest challenges and how AIOps gets you in front of them.
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    Why Aruba AIOps?

    Hear how Aruba leads in delivering IT efficiency (hint: Peer comparisons make the difference!)
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    AIOps for Wi-Fi, wired and WAN operations that IT can trust.

    AI-powered insights designed to improve how much time IT spends on everything from identifying root causes, to optimizing the performance of their networks and user applications.
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    The keys to Aruba AIOps in 4 easy steps!

    Data from all of your devices
    We automatically pull telemetry from each of your Wi-Fi, wired, and SD-WAN gateways build a baseline – no setup required.
    Per device and site anomaly detection
    Automated AI Insights let you know when your specific devices or sites are experiencing issues – before there’s an impact.
    Optimization benefits from Peer Comparisons
    Recommendations that deliver a 15% or greater improvement.based on how your network is performing against like sites.
    AI Insights you can trust
    Configuration changes are only provided if we know with over 95% confidence that a change will have the desired effect.

    An in-depth look at what makes Aruba AIOps work.

    A technical perspective into how and why Aruba’s full-service AIOps helps you operate and optimize networks in today’s dynamic and distributed workplace.
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    Why Peer Comparisons are Changing AIOps.

    When it comes to IT efficiency, AI-powered recommendations that that use peer benchmarking go beyond standard troubleshooting insights.
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    Aruba AIOps: Power for the People

    See how Aruba AIOps automatically identified performance degradation that could be eliminated by adjusting transmit power levels across bands, resulting in an increase in network performance of over 15%.
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    Aruba AIOps - Walk On By

    See how Aruba AIOps eliminated network interference caused by mobile users outside the customer’s network, resulting in a significant increase in network performance across multiple locations.
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    Would You Rather: AIOps Dynamic baselines

    Would you rather AI that’s still manual or Aruba AIOps with dynamic baselines and automated everything? The baselines are continuously adjusted based on normal activity, so you don’t waste time chasing false positives and you can see and fix issues immediately.
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    Would You Rather: AIOps Peer comparisons

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