Cloud-native campus networking delivered your way

Be ready for the unexpected with enhanced IT efficiency, higher performance and resiliency, and unified visibility and control from end to end.

Aruba ESP reduces risk, improves agility, and increases efficiency.

Digital acceleration is increasing the strain on today’s campus networks

With ever-rising cloud investment amidst looming threats of a recession, enterprise IT departments are challenged to do more with less.

Cloud, IoT, and OT proliferation

As businesses increasingly invest in digital and connected technologies, aging IT infrastructure can negatively impact revenue streams.

Operational complexity

With increasing use of cloud apps, mobile devices, and other smart sensors, every move, add, or change creates an exponential effect on IT workloads.

Reduced IT resources

From staffing shortages to stagnant budgets, network modernization efforts can be delayed by months or years if people resources are taxed.

It’s time to modernize your campus network

Higher scale and performance

Deliver modern campus connectivity to hundreds—even tens of thousands—of users, with advanced automation and programmability tools, tri-band Wi-Fi operation, multi-gigabit Ethernet, and secure access to cloud and on-premise data stores. What’s more, current customers can repurpose much of their existing infrastructure for investment protection.

Increased visibility and control

Begin the journey to consolidate your network management functions using a cloud-native platform that boasts unified wired, Wi-Fi, and SD-WAN management, automated configuration of network and policy definition, and deployment wherever you need it—in the cloud or on-premise.

Enhanced IT efficiency

Identify network, security, and application performance issues before they affect your users—and your business. Using a common data lake, Aruba Central gathers and analyzes metadata to provide optimization tips as your network experiences change, eliminating a sizable portion of manual diagnostics.

Flexible consumption options

Enable your business to quickly and efficiently deploy critical network services to support on-demand use cases such as remote user access, new site deployments, and incremental upgrades—without adding lead times to existing IT initiatives, creating guesswork around finances, or losing control over the decision-making process.

What are your network consumption priorities?

While network as a service (NaaS) is typically defined as a network managed by a 3rd party for a monthly payment, most organization have much broader NaaS needs based on the business outcomes they need to achieve.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Achieve financial flexibility

Improve your network’s time-to-value

Maintain total visibility and control

Protect your network with a unified framework and consistent security policies

Industries are changing rapidly with digital acceleration and cyber security at the forefront. By implementing Aruba Central and ClearPass, organizations have the tools they need to confront network and security threats.

Break through traditional scale limits and accelerate your business

Organizations with ambitious growth targets cannot afford to stall operations. Prioritizing network modernization means an immediate boost to IT, IoT, and OT efficiency, a more productive workforce, and improved experiences for guests and customers.

Encourage a return to the campus for both infrequent and power users alike

The role of the office has changed in today’s post-pandemic world, with an increased focus on connected and collaboration technologies to improve end-user experience, IT, and facilities management. Be ready with the right set of network tools at your disposal.

Are you ready to modernize your campus?

Get a feel for what your network administrator can do with unified access to Wi‑Fi, wired, and WAN.

Hear what our customers are saying

Elevating immersive fan experiences

“With the addition of Wi-Fi 6E Access Points in the arena bowl, we can provide fans a more immersive experience that we believe is unmatched by any other professional sporting venue.”

Warriors President and Chief Operating Officer, Brandon Schneider

Driving enhanced customer and associate experiences

“Our goal is to enable technology to remove the friction from our customers’ and associates’ experiences each and every day.”

Daniel Grider, Vice President of Technology at The Home Depot

Accelerating the manufacture of life-saving ventilators

“The Aruba wireless, switching and management solutions have allowed us to quickly expand our capacity, ensure smooth and reliable communications, and build in redundancy, so our teams can function at peak levels.”

Jacob Omlid, IT Director for Ventec Life Systems

Delivering five star guest experiences

“The performance, reliability and built-in firewall and security features Aruba offers stood out and will make it easy for our IT team to continually upgrade and provide a superior experience for our guests and hotel teams.”

Rodney Linville, Global Corporate Director of IT for Nobu Hospitality

Accelerating digital transformation with central network control

“This is a long-term commitment. There are very few brands with the strength, product roadmap and network vision. The combination of Aruba and BNC Business Network Communications AG was ideal.”

Urs Heller, Head Of Enterprise Services & CDO, Schurter

Modernizing wired and wireless connectivity

To streamline network administration, training and support, the Pentagon consolidated onto a single platform for wired, wireless and security solutions across all network classification levels.

Centrally-managed connectivity helps close the digital skills gap

“We’ve transformed the network from a capex consideration to opex. With configuration templates agreed, we can have a school online within two or three days.”

Marcello Maggiora, Head of Technology & Digital Strategy, Compagnia di San Paolo Sistema Torino

Powering academic, research, and residential experiences

“With Aruba, we can continuously modernize our network, which helps ensure we can deliver the best possible user experiences across a full spectrum of present and future activities.”

John Rathje, vice president of IT and CIO at Kent State.

Advancing patient care with reliable services

“This standard requires a stable and secure infrastructure for day-to-day operations and for continual improvement of our patients’ care and experiences.”

Faith Regional CIO, Brian Sterud

Key products and services to elevate your campus network

Learn more about Aruba’s best-of-breed technology portfolio—from the highest performance to the most cost-effective for your enterprise.

Screenshot of Aruba Central

Aruba Central

  • A single point of visibility and control for WLAN, wired, VPN, and SD-WAN
  • AI-powered insights and diagnostics
  • Automated network configuration and security policy definitions

Enhance the workplace and user experience with Aruba Wi-Fi

  • Industry-leading, standards-based connectivity for the latest mobile and IoT devices
  • Advanced Wi-Fi performance, reliability, and scale
  • End-to-end encryption security from the client to the network
Screenshot of the Aruba Switch Software Management Application

Simplify operations with fully programmable CX Switches

  • Automation and distributed analytics
  • Edge-to-cloud security with Dynamic Segmentation
  • High availability across campus, branch, and data center networks.

HPE GreenLake for Networking

  • Steer a path forward with flexible consumption options
  • Leverage the top minds of Aruba global services
  • Ensure your network is always ready for what the business needs

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