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In today’s work from anywhere environment, employees expect the in-office experience to be as good (or better) than working from home.

Yesterday’s networks can’t handle today’s demands

Network infrastructure and operations teams have never been more stretched. After delaying refreshes due to the pandemic, IT leaders are revisiting network modernization efforts to support work from anywhere—and future-proofing to prepare for what comes next.

Outdated infrastructure

During the pandemic, many organizations put their upgrade plans on hold. As a result, IT leaders are dealing with poor Wi-Fi performance issues, resulting in slowdowns and an increase in user complaints. Infrastructures are outdated and unable to keep up with business needs like high-definition video, smart office initiatives, indoor location services, and more.

Management complexity

Organizations struggle to manage today’s complex, hybrid environments. They are still dealing with on-premises management and orchestration software, which makes it difficult to scale and upgrade to new releases. Many processes are still manual and require IT to use multiple management consoles.  This is creating complex environments that are difficult to manage, troubleshoot, and scale.

Modernize your network with Aruba

Aruba simplifies infrastructure modernization with a cloud-native centralized services platform that spans wired, wireless, and WAN and provides much-needed visibility, automation, and security for campus, branch, and remote work environments. Take advantage of industry-leading connectivity solutions combined with the most flexible consumption and operations options to match budget and resource constraints.

Increase capacity

Deploy next-gen APs and gateways that will double network capacity today, with enough scale built-in to accommodate future growth in traffic, users, and devices. 

Simplify management

Streamline all management and operations to a single cloud-based console with AIOps that supports campus, branches, and remote work across wired and wireless networks. The result: you drive up efficiency and alleviate resource and time constraints. 

Increase agility

Take advantage of the right blend of solution, procurement, and operations with Aruba NaaS offerings to meet your network modernization needs without costly capital expenditures.

Future of work trends: everything goes hybrid

A major post-pandemic trend is hybrid everything in all areas of life and work. But executive leaders shouldn’t settle for a hybrid mix of on-site and remote. There’s a  third way — a total rethink of how we work, interact with customers, and live our lives.

Optimizing return-to-office network trends

Hybrid work is here to stay, putting pressure on IT and the network. As employees head back into office, there are additional trends unfolding. Join us as we explore these trends and networking principles to ensure employees truly want to come into the office.

Goodbye, chaos. Hello, AI-powered automation.

Improve orchestration, drive up efficiency, and alleviate resource and time constraints.

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