Business Continuity & Recovery

The reimagined workplace.

The reimagined workplace will be a hybrid model where work from home and the location-aware office take center stage. Where technology and the network are the great enablers of what’s possible for today’s new normal — supporting things like density planning, heat mapping, and contact tracing — all in a seamless and secure manner to keep the workplace safe and productive.
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    Healthcare rapid response.

    Responding to the huge increase in patients is mission critical for healthcare providers and their rapid response teams. Efficiently handle pop-up clinics and telemedicine challenges, to focus on patient care.
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    Online learning—the move to education anywhere.

    Thousands of schools across the globe are closing for the unforeseeable future. Enable high quality and secure digital experiences for your teachers and faculty who are supporting students from home.
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    Work from home employees.

    Ensure that your remote workers can remain productive during these uncertain times.
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    Call Center responsiveness.

    During critical moments and high-call times, call centers are on the front line, keeping the public informed or addressing customer requests. Secure remote access helps deliver 24/7 service.
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    Retail adds drive-thru services.

    Mandates to eliminate in-store shopping and dining are requiring retailers to be innovative. Keep business going with outdoor drive-thru services.
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  • Aruba’s Remote Access Solution for Business Continuity

    To ensure business continuity, deploy Aruba RAPs to teleworkers and temporary sites, and IAP-VPN for micro-branches. You can also choose from cloud-native or on-premises management options.
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    Gateways and Controllers

    Enhanced WLAN performance, security, and SD-WAN connectivity for the campus and branch.
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    Micro Branch Connectivity

    Technical how-to-use guide for Aruba APs in Instant mode to terminate VPNs without the use of Branch gateways.
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    Remote Access Points

    Aruba’s Remote Access Points deliver the same corporate wired and wireless experience in remote locations such as a home office or temporary workplace.
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    Aruba Remote Access Point Solution Guide

    Detailed technical overview of how to a design VPN service that utilizes Aruba access points in RAP mode for teleworker and micro site use cases.
    Read the RAP Solution Guide

    Aruba Instant VRD Technical Validated Reference Design (VRD)

    Guide that outlines where and how to use Aruba access points in Instant mode.
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    Remote Access Point Configuration

    Technical how-to-use guide for setting up split tunneling, certificates and other advanced VPN features.
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    VPN Services

    Soft client and physical hardware solutions for secure VPN access from anywhere. Includes links for download of Aruba VIA client with military-grade encryption.
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    Aruba VIA Help Center

    Your online resource for configuring the Aruba VIA client, setting up authentication and getting to release notes.
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    Aruba IAP-VPN Based Micro Branch Solution Guide

    Detailed technical overview of how to a design VPN service that utilizes Aruba access points in Instant mode for micro branch use cases.
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    Aruba VIA Remote Access Solution Guide

    Detailed technical overview of how to a design VPN service that utilizes Aruba’s VIA soft client for teleworker use.
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