Cloud Managed Networking

It’s time to think differently about managing your network.

Managing wired and wireless networks that businesses thrive on should be as simple as using email. Simple configuration, easy to see what going on, and accessible from anywhere, any time. Aruba’s cloud-managed networking solution is the answer.
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Wi-Fi that just works.

Industry leading Aruba Instant access points provide the performance and reliability that IT organizations need today. Apps respond faster, devices stay connected, and users experience the freedom to roam.
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Get the best of both worlds.

See how Aruba provides business-class, non-stop secure Wi-Fi at an economy class price.
Buy 3 access points and get 2 free.
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Cloud management with all of the benefits.

With Aruba Central, everything from setting up the network to monitoring and maintaining it is effortless. Whether one site or a thousand. Business-class guest access, and analytics data are just some of the extras.
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Wired access that’s fast and reliable.

Cloud-managed Aruba Switches deliver what you need to keep those IoT devices and your business up and running. Multi-gigabit Ethernet, smart stacking technology, and PoE means you can handle any access layer needs.
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