Cloud-native is more than cloud-only

With 15 straight years as a leader in the Gartner Wired and Wireless Magic Quadrant and 70,000+ cloud customers, Aruba not only delivers the scale, consolidated management, and cloud agility that our customers require, but also fills in the gaps at the edge that the cloud-only startups miss.

Is your network mission-critical?

If the answer is yes, then why trust it to a cloud-only startup. Here are some of the edge-specific challenges that a cloud-only focus ignores.

Increasingly dangerous threats

When your network architecture requires that customers bolt-on security with an uncoordinated mix of third-party solutions, your network becomes an attractive target with increased risk.

Questionable AI insights

The challenge with relying on unproven AI data to manage your network is that scale and variety is required to produce accurate insights, and it’s not something that startups have.

Mission critical support

Your network is a mission-critical asset that supports everything from work-from-home to reinventing business models today. So, when a startup decides to outsource first line technical support to an unproven AI bot that hasn’t been sufficiently trained, you’re left holding the bag.

Connectivity to match needs

The Edge requires world-class Wi-Fi, wired, WAN, IoT, and cellular solutions. Networking startups typically offer bare essentials for one of those and a cloud-only focus. But, if your users and devices can’t physically connect as needed, no amount of cloud software will help.

Flexible deployment and financing

Customers want a choice that cloud-only vendors can’t deliver on. Are you ready to give up on-premises security and flexibility everywhere? Cloud-only vendors are even further behind when it comes to NaaS delivery and financing options.

How Aruba stacks up to the competition

Edge-to-cloud networking means that business solutions are now built, deployed, and delivered at any point in your IT architecture—from the home or factory floor, to the data center to the cloud. Here’s why Aruba makes the most sense.

Aruba security solution awarded Cyber Catalyst designation

Network security that’s built-in vs. bolted-on

Aruba offers built-in identity-based access control that the cyber insurance industry has determined reduces risk while supporting Zero Trust and SASE security frameworks. 

Aruba AIOps dashboard on a monitor

AI based on millions of devices with expertise you can trust

Our large customer base allows us to collect a wider variety and greater volume of fresh, relevant data each day—more than startups will have seen in their entire lifetime. And we continuously train our AI models to recognize new scenarios so you can trust our insights and recommendations with 95% confidence.

Smiling support rep talking to a client

24/7 mission-critical support

Our individualized “know me, know my network” approach combines technology with readily available, expert, and personal assistance for 24 x7, mission-critical support.

APs, switches, and network monitoring dashboard represent Aruba solutions

Connectivity with unmatched innovation

We certify our APs and were the first to ship one million Wi-Fi 6 APs.  Our industry-leading switches span the data center to the edge with a common operating environment, and Silver Peak SD-WAN has appeared as a leader in the Gartner MQ for three years running. The bottom line is that Aruba continues to be the recognized leader in networking innovation—from the edge to the cloud—and that’s an indisputable fact.

Accountant entering data while consulting a calculator

Flexible consumption and payment options

Backed by HPE Financial Services, Aruba’s NaaS simplifies, accelerates, and automates the design, deployment, and management of network solutions in the cloud, on-premises, and in your choice of cloud platforms. The key word here is “choice”—we give our customers choices because we understand that budgets are stretched thin, but the need to innovate and adopt new technology remains strong.

The analysts agree that Aruba leads the pack

Gartner ranked Aruba #1 in 6 of 6 use cases in the 2020 Critical Capabilities Report. See what else the world’s leading analysts have to say about our leadership and vision.

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