Secure, AI ready data center switching

Protect against cybersecurity attacks and tackle the most demanding AI workloads with secure, AI-ready data center switching.

GigaOm named HPE Aruba Networking a 2024 Data Center Switching Leader.

Legacy architectures hinder the performance and security of modern data center applications

Data centers are experiencing explosive growth of east-west traffic and intensive workloads that require high-performance, scalable, and secure data center networking.

Expanding cyberthreats

Traditional data center security solutions are complex, costly, and often ineffective at enforcing Zero Trust policies in the data center.

Increasing costs and complexity

Security appliances and software agents are expensive, difficult to manage, and impact server and application performance.

Demanding next-gen workloads

Next-generation AI architectures require a network that delivers a combination of high-performance and low-latency connectivity.

Support demanding AI workloads and your secure data center

Reduce risk while getting the flexibility, scalability, and resiliency you need to support and secure next-gen applications and workloads.

Built for security

Built for security

Expand Zero Trust into the data center with unified network and security policies delivering robust server and VM-level microsegmentation.

Open, high-performing AI on-ramp

Open, high-performing AI on-ramp

Prepare your data center for AI/ML with high-bandwidth, low-latency Ethernet fabrics that interconnect thousands of GPUs.

Reduce data center complexity

Reduce data center complexity

Accelerate automation, integration, and security with a distributed services architecture design.

A new generation of switching architecture

HPE Aruba Networking’s CX 10000 with AMD Pensando™ is a new category of data center switch that combines best-of-breed L2/3 switching with the industry's first hardware-accelerated services processor.

A cloud-native networking architecture

The HPE Aruba Networking CX switching portfolio is designed for today’s evolving data center networks. Cutting-edge hardware, a cloud-native operating system, and intuitive management tools reduce risk, improve IT efficiency, and ensure networks are always available.

Accelerate with software-defined automation and orchestration

HPE Aruba Networking Fabric Composer is an intelligent, API-driven, software-defined orchestration tool that simplifies and accelerates leaf-spine network fabric provisioning across rack-scale compute and storage infrastructures—increasing efficiencies and improving productivity for network operators and server and virtualization admins.

Empowering industry digital innovation

Solutions for security-first, high-performing edge-to-cloud use cases.

Digital healthcare

Enhance network performance for clinicians and patients while ensuring robust security with HPE Aruba Networking’s DPU-enabled switch. Enable secure personalized care, digital imaging, medical IoT, cloud applications, and more while reducing costs.

Data-driven retail

Protect customer and corporate data while ensuring network performance and lowering operational costs. Enhance performance and Zero Trust security—without sacrificing one for the other—with unified, automated data center networking.

Smart manufacturing

Improve on-time, in-full deliveries with enhanced data center networking. Get real-time visibility and network automation for faster provisioning that can reduce manual data center tasks, for fewer delays and increased operational agility.

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