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Secure Wi-Fi for the U.S. Federal Government

This paper will provide a detailed, technical explanation of how modern enterprise Wi-Fi networks are secured and highlight the government policies governing Wi-Fi use.
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Multi-Factor Authentication for Government Installations

See the steps that can be taken to ensure military-grade security to mitigate risks. Policies can be customized and enforced across wireless, wired, or VPN connections.
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U.S. Government Mobility Solutions

Aruba has deployed thousands of statute and policy compliant wireless and wired installations to major branches of the U.S. Government and armed services.
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Government Solutions Guide

This comprehensive guide provides detailed insight into designing and building best-of-breed mobility networks as well as ensuring highly-secure network access for a wide range government departments and agencies.
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Mobility networks using Suite B Cryptography

Discover an alternative access architecture for classified network connectivity using NSA-approved Suite B cryptography.
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A guide to implementing the DOD mobile strategy

Find out how the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is able to scale its network to accommodate the latest commercial smartphones and tablets.
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Aruba classified networking solutions

Government agencies are gearing up to support commercial, consumer-grade mobile devices – smartphones, tablets and laptops. This white paper provides an overview of secure wireless LAN implementations for classified networks.
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Combatant Command (COCOM) next-generation security architecture using NSA Suite B

Learn about Aruba’s classified networking solutions and how one US military customer deployed a fully-accredited next-generation security architecture using NSA-approved Suite B on classified networks.
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Standards, government validations and accreditations

The advantages of Mobility-Defined Networks allow Aruba to rapidly and repeatedly achieve a number of government-required security certifications.
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Tunneled Internet Gateway

The Aruba Tunneled Internet Gateway lets mobile device users wirelessly access the Internet without compromising the security of the restricted network. Unsecure Internet traffic is logically and cryptographically separated from restricted network traffic across the entire network.
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Advanced Cryptography Data Sheet

The ArubaOS Advanced Cryptography (ACR) module brings military-grade Suite B cryptography to Aruba Mobility Controllers.
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U.S. Air Force worldwide network takes to the air

To meet the exacting requirements for flight-line maintenance, as well as base-wide communications and medical applications, the Air Force needed a new class of wireless network.
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