Hybrid Workplace

Your employees can move seamlessly back and forth from the home and the office.

The new normal will be a hybrid workplace where work from home and the location-aware office take center stage. Where technology and the network support things like contact tracing, density planning, and heat mapping — all in a seamless and secure manner — to keep employees safe and productive.
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Are you ready for the hybrid workplace?

Join Aruba’s CTO, Partha Narasimhan, as he breaks down how to support both remote workers and those who return to the office—using Aruba ESP to make the hybrid workplace a reality.
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Keep employees safe and minimize risk with Aruba Contact Tracing.

Aruba has preventive solutions like density planning to support in-office social distancing. But contact tracing solutions can give you added confidence to minimize risk and quickly identify anyone who may have come in contact with an infected person.
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The recent Edge Survey indicates skyrocketing demand for financially flexible models.

55% globally say they will explore a subscription model, 53% a managed service, and 30% financial leasing—all as a result of COVID-19.
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Flexible consumption and financing options for any budget.

With the increased need for financial flexibility, Aruba is here to help.
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Quickly get employees up and running at home.

Secure connectivity solutions that are easy to set up and manage—all from the cloud.
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