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Why NaaS?

The NaaS market continues to mature and grow. Read the latest industry research.

State of the Market by IDC

IDC’s 2024 market research reinforces why NaaS is key to accelerating digital transformation.

NaaS buyer's guide

Understand what's triggering NaaS adoption and assess your organization's NaaS readiness.

NaaS market growth

Industry analyst firm Dell’Oro Group predicts strong growth for the Campus NaaS market over the next five years, reaching $600M by 2027 and eclipsing growth in the Public Cloud-Managed LAN market.

HPE GreenLake for Networking

HPE GreenLake for Networking enables organizations to quickly and efficiently deploy critical use cases, such as hybrid work, connected retail, and hybrid learning.

Hybrid workplace

Hybrid work has transformed how companies operate. By consuming the network as-a-service with HPE GreenLake for Networking, you can quickly and efficiently enable secure work-from-home and create an all-wireless office optimized for real-time collaboration.

Connected retail

Retailers need reliable, scalable, and secure technology to deliver the best shopping experience, both in-store and out. HPE Aruba Networking’s entire portfolio can be consumed as-a-service with HPE GreenLake for Networking, providing access to the all the technology you need to keep shoppers connected and securely enable new in-store technologies such as automation, analytics, and cashier-less checkouts.

Hybrid learning

Rapidly changing technology requirements and budgets can make hybrid learning an adventure. Whether you need to support in-class instruction, high-speed campus Wi-Fi, online exams, or remote learning on-demand, HPE GreenLake for Networking provides the financial flexibility, technical expertise, and operational resources to ensure students and staff stay connected.

Stop building and operating networks—start consuming them

Realize the benefits of NaaS with HPE GreenLake for Networking.

Overcome traditional financial obstacles

Overcome traditional financial obstacles

HPE GreenLake for Networking eliminates the guesswork and bottlenecks associated with long-term capital planning and budgeting. By combining all hardware, software, and services in a single monthly subscription and with no capital expenditures, organizations can avoid the complicated, stringent, and time-consuming approval process. In addition, flexible “pay-as-you-grow” capabilities prevent overprovisioning and facilitate much closer alignment between network spend and usage.

Optimize network performance and security

Optimize network performance and security

HPE GreenLake for Networking gives customers the ability to utilize the proven design, technology, lifecycle management, and operational expertise of HPE Aruba Networking and its partners to ensure the network delivers optimal security and user experiences. By providing deep insight into the network environment and leveraging comprehensive AI/ML capabilities, HPE GreenLake for Networking can mitigate security risks and address network issues before they impact end users.

Gain peace of mind with trusted partners

Gain peace of mind with trusted partners

HPE GreenLake for Networking has been designed to be delivered alongside our global network of trusted channel partners. Supported by the extensive financial resources of HPE, you can rest assured that your HPE GreenLake for Networking solution will be delivered where and how you need it.

Keep pace with the speed of business

Keep pace with the speed of business

Consuming NaaS with HPE GreenLake for Networking ensures the network is always ready to support what the business needs. Acquire and deploy latest technology faster and more efficiently, ensure infrastructure is right-sized and upgrades happen when needed, rapidly deploy new use cases, and even support corporate sustainability goals.

“Rather than the complex traditional procurement process, with (HPE GreenLake for Networking), we bypass all of that complexity.”

Vince Distasi, Vice President, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Grove City College

Online travel company Ikyu leverages HPE GreenLake for Networking for faster deployment cycles, quicker technology refreshes, and the flexibility to scale as their needs change.

“The business can now focus on what they need to do and not worry about the technology and the challenges that end users may have.”

Ken Shaffer, Vice President, Infrastructure and Operations, CarMax

“(HPE GreenLake for Networking) is going to allow us to remain innovative and get those newer technologies that will provide benefits to our students much quicker.”

Dr. John Eberle, Chief Information Officer, Trevecca Nazarene University

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