WAN optimization

Unified WAN optimization helps you accelerate applications and maximize available bandwidth in an SD-WAN edge platform built for the cloud.

Challenges with device-centric WAN optimization

Device-centric WAN optimization is obsolete for today’s multi-cloud enterprises.


Inability to accelerate applications on a granular basis across the WAN.


Dedicated, manually configured appliances across all sites amplifies operational complexity.


Per site licensing and support contracts inflate IT costs and overhead.

Unified WAN optimization in an SD-WAN edge platform built for the cloud

Icon of cursor clicking something on a computer monitor Flexible


Apply WAN optimization on an application or site basis with a single mouse click.



WAN optimization performance pack delivers on-demand application acceleration.

Icon of a dollar sign inside a downward arrow Economical


Licensed in 100 Mbps increments and applied across the WAN - only where it’s needed.

Industry leading WAN optimization and SD-WAN in a unified SD-WAN Edge platform

Minimize latency

Significantly improve application response times.

Maximize bandwidth

Lightning-fast backups and file transfers.

One-click deployment

Apply WAN optimization to applications with a single mouse click.

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