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4G Modem
VendorModelCarrier supportPlatform support
DigisolDG-BA4305Rest of the WorldGateways
Franklin WirelessU772SprintRAPs/IAPs/Gateways

Rest of the WorldRAPs/IAPs/Gateways



Rest of the World

Rest of the World

Rest of the World



Rest of the WorldRAPs/IAPs/Gateways

HuaweiK5160Rest of the WorldRAPs/IAPs/Gateways
Inseego (Novatel)U620LVerizonRAPs/IAPs/Gateways
ZTEMF79SRest of the WorldRAPs/IAPs/Gateways
ZTEMF823Rest of the WorldRAPs/IAPs/Gateways
ZTEMF825CRest of the WorldRAPs/IAPs/Gateways
ZTEMF831Rest of the WorldRAPs/IAPs/Gateways
ZTEMF832SRest of the WorldRAPs/IAPs/Gateways
ZTEMF832URest of the World

"Rest of the World” means the 4G modem has applications outside of United States. However, it does not mean it is supported/tested across all carriers in various countries. A select few carriers and countries are supported. For specifics, please inquire.

Barcode Scanner
VendorModelClient OS version
HoneywellCT40Android 9
HoneywellCT45PAndroid 11
HoneywellDolphin 60sWindows Handheld 6.5 -
HoneywellDolphin 6100-LPWindows Mobile Version 6.00
HoneywellDolphin 6110MPWindows Handheld 6.5.3 -
HoneywellDolphin 6500Windows Mobile Version 6.00
HoneywellDolphin 70eAndroid 4.0.3 Kernel Version: 2.6.37
HoneywellDolphin 70eWindows Mobile 6.5 Kernel Version: 40.03
HoneywellDolphin 7800Windows Mobile Version 6.5
HoneywellDolphin 7800Windows Mobile 6.5 Kernel Version: 36.03
HoneywellDolphin 9700Windows Mobile Version 6.00
HoneywellDolphin 9700-LOPWindows Mobile Version 6.00
HoneywellDolphin 9900Windows Mobile Version 6.00
HoneywellDolphin 99exlgWindows 6.6 classic Version 5.3
HoneywellEDA51Android 8.1.0
HoneywellLXE MarathonWindows 7 Professional
HoneywellLXE thOR VM1Windows CE 6.0
IntermecCK31Windows CE .NET 4.2.0[2]
IntermecCK61Windows Mobile 5.0 - 5.1.478
IntermecCK70/71Windows Mobile Version 6.5
IntermecCN2BMicrosoft Pocket PC 4.20.0
IntermecCN3Windows Mobile 5.0 - 5.1.342
IntermecCN70eWindows Mobile Version 6.5
JANAMXM60WWindows CE 5.0 - Build 1400
ZebraEC30Android 8.1.0
ZebraET50PEAndroid 6.0.1
ZebraMC18Android 4.4.4
ZebraMC33Android 7.1.2
ZebraMC40Android 5.1.1
ZebraMC93Android 8.1.0
ZebraOmnii-XT15Windows CE6
ZebraPS20Android 8.1.0
ZebraTC20Android 7.1.2
ZebraTC21Android 10.0.0
ZebraTC51Android 7.1.2
ZebraTC52Android 8.1.0
ZebraTC52AXAndroid 11.0.0
ZebraTC53Android 11.0.0
ZebraTC57Android 8.1.0
ZebraTC58Android 11.0.0
ZebraTC8000Android 5.1.1
ZebraTC83Android 8.1.0
Zebra-MotorolaES400Windows Mobile 5.0.2 Version-H_3.
Zebra-MotorolaMC3090Windows CE Version 5.00
Zebra-MotorolaMC5040Win Mobile 2003 4.21 build 14235
Zebra-MotorolaMC65Windows Mobile 5.0.2 Version-H_3.
Zebra-MotorolaMC7090Win CE 5.00.1400
Zebra-MotorolaMC75AWindows CE Version 5.2.29299
Zebra-MotorolaMC9090GWindows Mobile Version 5.1.478
Zebra-MotorolaMK2046Windows CE .NET Version 4.10 build 908
Zebra-MotorolaPDT6846WinMobile 5.0 4.21 build 14235
Zebra-MotorolaPDT8146MS PocketPC
Zebra-MotorolaPPT8800wWin CE 5.00.1400
Zebra-MotorolaPPT8846Microsoft Pocket PC Version 4.20.0 build 14053
Zebra-MotorolaSB1B smart Wi-Fi tagEmbedded OS - MSP client Version 02.01.28
Zebra-MotorolaTC-70Android 4.4.2
Zebra-MotorolaVC5090Win CE 5.00.1400
Zebra-MotorolaWT4090Windows CE Version 5.00
Zebra-PsionPTX 7505Windows CE .NET Version 5.00
Zebra-PsionPTX 8515Windows CE .NET Version 5.00
Zebra-PsionPTX NEOWindows CE .NET Version 5.00
Zebra-PsionWorkabout ProWindows CE .NET Version 5.00
VendorModelClient OS versionDriver version
Broadcom943328Windows 7, Windows,
Intel100 BGNWindows 715.9.2.1
Intel130 BGNWindows 715.9.2.1
Intel1000 BGNWindows 715.9.2.1
Intel1030 BGNWindows 715.9.2.1
Intel6200 AGNWindows 715.9.2.1
Intel6205 AGNWindows 7/Windows 8/ Windows,
Intel6230 AGNWindows 7/Windows 8/ Windows
Intel6300 AGNWindows 8, Linux , Windows,
Intel7260ACWindows 7 Ent SP1/8.1 Ent17.13.1.13
Intel7265ACWin 10 version 21H219.51.40.1
Intel8260ACWin 10 version 21H220.70.30.1
IntelAX201Win 10 version 21H222.150.0.3
IntelAX210Windows 1122.150.0.3
VendorModelClient OS versionWLAN chipset
AppleMacbook 12″ (2015)MacOS 10.11 (El Capitan)
AppleMacBook AirMAC OS 10.8.2Broadcom BCM 4322
AppleMacBook AirMAC OS 10.8.2Broadcom BCM 4360
AppleMacBook Air 802.11acMAC OS 10.9.2
AppleMacBook Air 802.11nMAC OS 10.9.2
AppleMacBook ProMAC OS 10.6.8Broadcom BCM 4322
AppleMacBook Pro 2016MacOS Sierra
AppleMacBook Pro 802.11acMAC OS 10.9.2
AppleMacBook Pro 802.11nMAC OS 10.9.2
AppleMacBook Pro NewMAC OS 10.8.2Broadcom BCM 4331
DellLatitude 7410Win 10 version 21H2Intel AX201 (Driver version
DellLatitude 7490Windows 11Intel AX210
DellLatitude E5410Win 7 & Win XPDell DW1520 (BRCM)
DellLatitude E6400Windows 7Atheros AR5BxB
DellLatitude E6400Win 7 & Win XPDell DW1510 (BRCM)
DellXPS 13 9350Win 10 version 21H2Intel 7265AC
HPElitebook 840 G3Win 10 version 21H2Intel 8260AC
VendorModelClient OS versionDriver version
ZebraMobile PrinterMZ320Embedded OS
ZebraMobile Printer QL220Embedded OSV79.50
ZebraMobile Printer QL320+Embedded OS
ZebraMobile Printer QLn320Link-OS 5.2
ZebraMobile Printer RW220Embedded OSV90.14
ZebraMobile Printer ZQ521Link-OS 6.3V91.21.05Z
ZebraMobile Printer ZQ620Link-OS 5.2
ZebraMobile Printer ZQ630Link-OS 6.3
VendorModelPlatform support
Accton Technology2610123S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
Accton Technology2610124S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
Accton Technology2610125S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
Accton Technology2610126S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx
Accton Technology2610127S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
AvagoAFBR-5715PZ7010, 7024, 7030, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
AvagoAFBR-709ASMZS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
AvagoAFCT-5715PZS3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX, MM-HW-xK
AvagoAFCT-701ASDZS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
Delta Electronics, Inc.LCP-1250RJ3SR650, 3000, M3, S3500, S2500, S1500, 7200
Fiberxon, Inc.FTM-33X1C-X10GM3
FinisarFCLF8521P2BTL7010, 7024, 7030, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
FinisarFCLF8521P2BTL-BA7010, 7024, 7030, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
FinisarFTLF8519P3BNL7010, 7024, 7030, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
FinisarFTLF8519P3BNL-BA7010, 7024, 7030, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
FinisarFTLF1318P3BTLS3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX, MM-HW-xK
FinisarFTLF1318P3BTL-BAS3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX, MM-HW-xK
FinisarFTLF1621P1BCLS3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX
FinisarFTLF1621P1BCL-BAS3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX
FinisarFTLF1721P2BTLS3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX
FinisarFTLF1721P2BTL-BAS3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX
FinisarFTLX1371D3BCLS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
FinisarFTLX1371D3BCL-BAS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
FinisarFTLX8574D3BCLS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
FinisarFTLX8574D3BCL-BAS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
FinisarFTLX1471D3BCLS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
FinisarFTLX1471D3BCL-BAS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
FinisarFTLX1671D3BTLS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx
FinisarFTLX1671D3BTL-BAS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx
FinisarFTLX1672D3BTLS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx
FinisarFTLX1871D3BNLS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx
FinisarFTLX1871D3BNL-BAS3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx
Molex747521051S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
Molex747529991S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
Molex747529992S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
Molex747529993S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx
Molex747529994S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
OclaroTRF2716AALB5657010, 7024, 7030, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
OclaroTRF5736AMLB565S3500, S2500, S1500, 7010, 7024, 7030, 72XX, MM-HW-xK
OclaroTRS5021EN-S001S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
OpNextTRS2001EN-0065S3500, S2500, 7024, 72xx, MM-HW-xK
OpNextTRS5020EN-S0027200, S3500, S2500
VendorModelClient OS versionWLAN chipset
AppleiPhone 14 Pro MaxiOS 17.0.1
AppleiPhone 14 ProiOS 17.0.1
AppleiPhone 13 Pro MaxiOS 15.3.2
AppleiPhone 13 ProiOS 15.3.2
AppleiPhone 12 Pro MaxiOS 15.3.2
AppleiPhone 12 ProiOS 15.3.2
AppleiPhone 11 Pro MaxiOS 15.0
AppleiPhone 11 ProiOS 15.0
AppleiPhone XRiOS 12.0.1
AppleiPhone XS MaxiOS 12.0.1
AppleiPhone XSiOS 12.0.1
AppleiPhone XiOS 12.1
AppleiPhone 8 PlusiOS 12.0.1
AppleiPhone 8iOS 11.2.6
AppleiPhone 7 PlusiOS 12.0.1
AppleiPhone 7iOS 12.0.1
AppleiPhone SEiOS 11.0
AppleiPhone 6 PlusiOS 8.2
AppleiPhone 6iOS 8.2
AppleiPhone 5siOS 7.1.1
AppleiPhone 5ciOS 7.1.1
AppleiPhone 4siOS 7.1.1Broadcom BCM4329
AppleiPhone 4iOS 4.3.3Broadcom BCM4329
AppleiPhone 3G, 3GSiOS 4.3.3Broadcom BCM4325
DellStreakAndroid Ver 2.2
GooglePixel 3Android 9.0.0
GooglePixel G-2PW4100Android 7.1.1
HTCOne M8Android 5.0.2
HTCOne M9Android 5.0.1
NokiaE6-00Symbian Belle 111.130.0625
NokiaLumia 2520Windows RT 8.1
NokiaLumia 1520Windows Phone 8
NokiaLumia 930Windows Phone 8.1
NokiaLumia 925Windows Phone 8
NokiaLumina 610Windows Phone 7.5
NokiaLumia 525Windows Phone 8
SamsungGalaxy S22 UltraAndroid 13
SamsungGalaxy S21 Ultra 5GAndroid 12Broadcom BCM4389C1
SamsungGalaxy S20Android 10
SamsungGalaxy S20+Android 10
SamsungGalaxy S10Android 9.0.0Broadcom BCM4375B1
SamsungGalaxy S10+Android 9.0.0Broadcom BCM4375B1
SamsungGalaxy S10eAndroid 9.0.0Broadcom BCM4375B1
SamsungGalaxy S9Android 8.0.0Broadcom BCM4361B2
SamsungGalaxy S7/S7 EdgeAndroid 6.0.1
SamsungGalaxy S6-EdgeAndroid 5.0.2
SamsungGalaxy S6Android 5.0.2
SamsungGalaxy S5Android 4.4.2
SamsungGalaxy S4Android 4.4Broadcom BCM4335
SamsungGalaxy S3Android 4.1.1Broadcom BCM4330
SamsungGalaxy S2Android 2.2Broadcom BCM4330
SamsungGalaxy XCover 2Android 4.1.2
SamsungXCoverAndroid 7.0
SamsungGalaxy Note 3Android 4.4
SamsungGalaxy Note 2Android 4.4
VendorModelClient OS versionWLAN chipset
AppleiPad Pro 2018iOS 12.1.4
AppleiPad4iOS 6.1.2/7.0.3/7.1.1
AppleiPad3iOS 6.1.2/7.0.3Broadcom BCM4329
AppleiPad2iOS 6.1.2Broadcom BCM4329
AppleiPad1iOS 4.3.3Broadcom BCM4329
AppleiPad Air2iOS 8.3 and iOS 9 beta v2
AppleiPad AiriOS 6.1.2/7.0.3/7.1.1, MAC OS 10.11 (beta)Broadcom 43XX
AppleiPad Mini3iOS 9.x.x
AppleiPad MiniiOS 7.1.1
DellVenue 11 Pro (7130)Windows 8.1 ProIntel
MicrosoftSurface GoWindows 10 ProQCA61x4A
MicrosoftSurface Pro 3Windows 8.1 ProMarvell Avastar Wireless-AC NIC, Driver Version: 15.68.3073.151
MicrosoftSurface Pro (1 and 2)Windows 8.1Marvell Avastar 350N 802.11a/g/n
MicrosoftSurface RT (1 and 2)Windows RT 8.1Marvell Avastar 350N 802.11a/g/n
MotorolaXoomAndroid 3.0.1Broadcom BCM 4329
SamsungGalaxy Tab2Android 4.0.4Broadcom BCM 4329
SamsungGalaxy Tab1Android 2.3.3Broadcom BCM 4329
ZebraET85Windows 11Intel AX210 (
ZebraRTL10B1Android 8.1.0 
ZebraWT6000Android 5.1.1 
VendorModelPBX support
Alcatel LucentMIPT 310/610Alcatel OmniPcx Office communication server
Alcatel LucentOT8x00Alcatel OmniPcx Office communication server
Alcatel LucentOT 8118/8128
AppleiPhone 3G, 3GSAvaya SES
AppleiPhone 4Avaya SES
AppleiPod Touch 4Avaya SES
Ascomi75Avaya PBX/Ascom H323 server
AvayaAvayaAvaya PBX
AvayaAvaya One-x communicator soft phoneAvaya PBX 5.1
Avaya3631Avaya PBX 5.1
Avayai62Avaya PBX
Blackberry970,090,008,900Blackberry MVS server
Cisco7921Cisco Unified Call manager 6.0 and Cisco CME 8.0
Cisco7925GCisco Unified Call manager 6.0 and Cisco CME 8.0
Cisco7925EG-EXCisco Unified Call manager 6.0 and Cisco CME 8.0
Cisco7926Cisco Unified Call manager 6.0 and Cisco CME 8.0
CiscoCisco 7941/60/61/62/45/75/65/9971CME 9.0
CiscoCisco IP communicator soft phoneCisco Unified Call manager 6.0 and Cisco CME 7.0
GoogleNexus OneAvaya SES
GoogleNexus SAvaya SES
HTCTouchAvaya SES
KDDIE02SABrekeke SIP server
MotorolaEWP1000Motorola WSM server (Team VoWlan-SIP) Cisco CUCM (Team Direct)
MotorolaEWP2000Motorola WSM server (Team VoWlan-SIP) Cisco CUCM (Team Direct)
NokiaE51Avaya PBX, Asterisk SIP server
NokiaE61Avaya PBX, Brekeke SIP server, Asterisk SIP server
NokiaE61iAvaya PBX, Asterisk SIP server
NokiaE71Brekeke SIP server, Avaya PBX
Nortel2210, 2211, 2212Nortel BCM 50
Nortel6120, 6140Nortel BCM 50
NTT DocomoF1100Brekeke SIP server
NTT DocomoN902iLAvaya PBX, Brekeke SIP server
NTT DocomoN906iLBrekeke SIP server
Polycom8020/8030Spectralink Server and gateway
Polycom84xxBrekeke SIP server
Polycom/SpectralinkPTE100/150Spectralink Server and gateway
SamsungGalaxy SAvaya SES
Snom820Brekeke SIP server
UnidataWPU 7700(bg)Brekeke SIP server
VoceraB1000/2000/3000 badgesVocera server
VoceraSmartphoneVocera Server
Wi-Fi Adapter
VendorModelClient OS versionWLAN chipset
AirMagnetWireless PC Card7.7.0.406Atheros C1060
AirMagnetWireless PCMCIA Card model C10607.6.0.239Atheros AR900x
BuffaloWLI-CB-AG300N PCMCIA3.1Marvel
BuffaloWL-U2-866D6.30.61.25Broadcom BCM43XACD_NT61
BuffaloWLI-UC-G300N1.20.0.1Buffalo G300N
D-LinkDWA-1826.30.145.30Broadcom BCM43XACD_NT61
LinksysDual-Band Wireless-N Express Card WEC600N4.150.31.0Broadcom BCM2055
LinksysWUSB600N Dual-Band1.4.0.10Ralink RT2870
NetgearA62006.30.145.30Broadcom BCM43XACD_NT61
NetgearRangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N USB Adapter3.0.0.131Atheros WNDA3100
NetgearW511T Wireless PC Card2.1.4.3Marvel
NetgearWNDA31003.0.0.122Atheros AR900x
VendorModelClient OS versionDriver version
Axiswireless camera M1031-w
EkahauT301a, T301b tags, EPE, ESS, VisionEPE Running on Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server
HPElite SliceWindows 10 Pro19.30.0.4
SiemensSCALANCE W734-1 RJ45 Wireless BridgeV06.05.00
STANLEY Healthcare (formerly AeroScout)Tags, Engine, MobileView, Exciters, etc.AeroScout Engine running on Windows 2003Engine v3.2