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Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP)

This certification exam is inactive May 1, 2023. Learn about the evolution of Aruba Mobility to Campus Access certification.

Why earn this certification?

  • Position yourself as a trusted team member who can contribute to the design, deployment and management of the latest Aruba Mobile First Network solutions
  • Demonstrate your ability to implement and manage Mobile First Networking solutions utilizing advances and innovations from AOS8
  • Advance your career as a Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP) who is proficient at building Mobile First Networks
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Typical candidates for this certification are networking IT professionals with a minimum of one to two years experience in deploying network solutions for the enterprise.

Skill level: Professional


ACMA certification is a required prerequisite for ACMP. Candidates must pass the Aruba Certified Mobility Professional certification exam on PearsonVUE.

View exam details including sample questions

Recertification path

This Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP) certification is valid for three years from date achieved.

To recertify, you must pass one of the following exams before the expiration date:

  • Pass the current exam on PearsonVUE
  • Pass the Aruba Certified Mobility Expert written exam on PearsonVUE
  • If qualified, pass the Aruba Edge professional exam

Achieving or recertifying the certification automatically extends active ACMA certifications to the point of expiration from the date the ACMP was last achieved.

View the certification datasheet for recertification paths

Learning resources

This certification validates knowledge and skills in these key areas and more:

  • Configuring and using the Mobility Conductor for consolidated network management
  • Uses and advantages of clustering
  • Redundancy and providing user seamless failover
  • Utilizing MultiZone to have multiple and separate secure networks while using the same Access Point (AP)
  • Utilizing secure Tunneled Node for wired switches
  • Utilizing AirWave to monitor the health of the wired and wireless network
  • Troubleshooting devices, users and applications on Aruba Mobile First networks

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