Purchasing Training Credits from Aruba

Aruba offers training credits for you to purchase and apply to the course of your choice. Each course has a specified number of training credits. Use your purchased credits for any of the offered Aruba classes. Training credits are available for customers and partners and must be used within one-year of their purchase.

Why Training credits?

Using Training credits gives you maximum flexibility for your course selection. With a Training credit system, you are not locked into any single class. If today you are not sure what class you want or need to take, simply purchase Training credits now and decide later what course to take. The same Training credits apply to any class. Just be sure you meet the course prerequisites before registering for them.

How to purchase Training credits?

Training credits can be purchased by submitting a purchase order to your Aruba distributor for part number H1EJ9E.

How to register with Training credits?

Click here for step by step instructions on how to register with your training credits.

How many Training credits do I need?

Different courses require different levels of training credits.  Please see the course catalog to determine how many Training credits apply to the course. 

How long do the credits last?

Unfortunately, Training credits expire just like milk, only a little slower. Your Training credits must be applied to a course registration within one-year of their purchase.