show running-config current-context


show running-config current-context


Shows the current non-default configuration running on the switch in the current command context.

Command context

config or a child of config. See Usage.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


You can enter this command from the following configuration contexts:

  • Any child of the global configuration (config) context. If the child context has instances—such as interfaces—you can enter the command in the context of a specific instance.

    Support for this command is provided for one level below the config context. For example, entering this command for a child of a child of the config context not supported.

    If you enter the command on a child of the config context, the current configuration of that context and the children of that context are displayed.

  • The global configuration (config) context.

    If you enter this command in the global configuration (config) context, it shows the running configuration of the entire switch. Use the show running-configuration command instead.


Showing the running configuration for the current interface:

switch(config-if)# show running-config current-context
interface 1/1/1
    vsx-sync qos vlans
    no shutdown
    description Example interface 
    no routing
vlan access 1

Showing the current running configuration for the management interface:

switch(config-if-mgmt)# show running-config current-context
interface mgmt
    no shutdown
    ip static

Showing the running configuration for the external storage share named nasfiles:

switch(config-external-storage-nasfiles)# show running-config current-context 
external-storage nasfiles
   vrf default
   username nasuser
   password ciphertext AQBapalKj+XMsZumHEwIc9OR6YcOw5Z6Bh9rV+9ZtKDKzvbaBAAAAB1CTrM=
   type scp
   directory /home/nas

Showing the running configuration for a context that does not have instances:

switch(config-vsx)# show run current-context 
    inter-switch-link 1/1/1
    role secondary
    vsx-sync sflow time