show module


show module [<SLOT-ID>] [vsx-peer]


Shows information about installed line modules and management modules.

Command context

Operator (>) or Manager (#)



Specifies the member and slot numbers in format member/slot. For example, to show the module in member 1, slot 3, enter 1/3.


Shows the output from the VSX peer switch. If the switches do not have the VSX configuration or the ISL is down, the output from the VSX peer switch is not displayed. This parameter is available on switches that support VSX.


Operators or Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command. Operators can execute this command from the operator context (>) only.


Identifies and shows status information about the line modules and management modules that are installed in the switch.

If you use the <SLOT-ID> parameter to specify a slot that does not have a line module installed, a message similar to the following example is displayed:

Module 1/4 is not physically present.

To show the configuration information—if any—associated with that line module slot, use the show running-configuration command.

Status is one of the following values:


This module is the active management module.


This module is the standby management module.


The module is being deinitialized.


The module is in a state used for troubleshooting.


The module is physically present but is powered down.


The module hardware is not installed in the chassis.


The module has experienced an error and failed.


This module is a fabric module or a line module, and it is in the process of connecting to the new active management module during a management module failover event.


The module is being initialized.


The module hardware is installed in the chassis.


The module is available for use.


A firmware update is being applied to the module.


Showing all installed modules:

switch(config)# show module

Management Modules

     Product                                        Serial
Name Number  Description                            Number     Status
---- ------- -------------------------------------- ---------- ----------------
1/1  JL581A  8320 Mgmt Mod                          TW87KCW00X Ready

Line Modules

     Product                                        Serial
Name Number  Description                            Number     Status
---- ------- -------------------------------------- ---------- ----------------
1/1  JL581A  8320                                   TW87KCW00X Ready

Showing a slot that does not contain a line module:

switch(config)# show module 1/3
Module 1/3 is not physically present