Service OS is an operating system that the customer only uses to fix filesystem corruption, download and update firmware, and other support related issues. HPE Service OS is a Linux distribution that acts as a standalone bootloader and recovery OS for AOS-CX-based switches. It is only accessible if the user is consoled into the switch. The main high level features provided include:
  • Access to file system partitions for retrieval of logs, coredumps, and configuration for supportability purposes.

  • Filesystem utilities to format and partition a corrupted storage disk.

  • Management interface networking with TFTP to download and update a product image.

  • Ability to boot primary and secondary firmware images (.SWI file) on the storage disk.

  • Support for clearing the AOS-CX startup-config.

  • Ability to not only clear the admin password for AOS-CX, but also change it in SVOS.

  • Ability to set the secure mode to enhanced or standard.

This document covers the customer CLI commands available in Service OS, as well as a few non-CLI features.