lldp med


lldp med [poe [priority-override] | capability | network-policy]

no med [poe [priority-override] | capability | network-policy]


Configures support for the LLDP-MED TLV. LLDP-MED (media endpoint devices) is an extension to LLDP developed by TIA to support interoperability between VoIP endpoint devices and other networking end-devices. The switch only sends the LLDP MED TLV after receiving a MED TLV from and connected endpoint device.

Not supported on the OOBM interface.

The no form of this command disables support for the LLDP MED TLV.

Command context



poe [priority-override]

Specifies advertisement of power over Ethernet data link classification. The priority-override option overrides user-configured port priority for Power over Ethernet. When both lldp dot3 poe and lldp med poe are enabled, the lldp dot3 poe3 setting takes precedence. Default: enabled.


Specifies advertisement of supported LLDP MED TLVs. The capability TLV is always sent with other MED TLVs, therefore it cannot be disabled when other MED TLVs are enabled. Default: enabled.


Network policy discovery lets endpoints and network devices advertise their VLAN IDs, and IEEE 802.1p (PCP and DSCP) values for voice applications. This TLV is only sent when a voice VLAN policy is present. Default: enabled.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Enabling advertisement of the network policy TLV:

switch(config-if)# lldp med network-policy 

Disabling advertisement of the network policy TLV:

switch(config-if)# no lldp med network-policy