Initial configuration using ZTP

Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) configures a switch automatically from a remote server.

  • The switch must be in the factory default configuration.

    Do not change the configuration of the switch from its factory default configuration in any way, including by setting the administrator password.

  • Your network administrator or installation site coordinator must provide a Category 6 (Cat6) cable connected to the network that provides access to the servers used for Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) operations.

  1. Connect the network cable to the out-of-band management port on the switch. If your network administrator or installation site coordinator has instructed you to connect network cable to a data port, connect the cable to that data port instead.

    See the Installation Guide for switch to determine the location of the switch ports.

  2. If the switch is powered on, power off the switch.
  3. Power on the switch. A switch running the factory default configuration attempts the ZTP operation for the first 10 minutes after the switch is powered on. During the ZTP operation, the switch might reboot if a new firmware image is being installed.