ubt mode vlan-extend


ubt-mode vlan-extend

no ubt-mode


Selects VLAN extended mode. When VLAN-extend mode is enabled clients are assigned to their UBT role-based VLAN in the hardware datapath.

The no form of the command selects local-VLAN mode. In local-VLAN mode clients are assigned to a local switch VLAN and associated with their UBT role-based VLAN when client traffic reaches the controller.

The default UBT mode is local-VLAN.

Command context



Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Setting the UBT mode to VLAN-extend:
switch(config)# ubt-mode vlan-extend
Setting the UBT mode back to the default of local-VLAN:
switch(config)# no ubt-mode