Switches running the AOS-CX software are fully programmable with a REST (REpresentational State Transfer) API, allowing easy integration with other devices both on premises and in the cloud. This programmability—combined with the Aruba Network Analytics Engine—accelerates network administrator understanding of and response to network issues.

The AOS-CX REST API enables programmatic access to the AOS-CX configuration and state database at the heart of the switch. By using a structured model, changes to the content and formatting of the CLI output do not affect the programs you write. And because the configuration is stored in a structured database instead of a text file, rolling back changes is easier than ever, thus dramatically reducing a risk of downtime and performance issues.

The AOS-CX REST API is a web service that performs operations on switch resources using HTTPS POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE methods.

A switch resource is indicated by its Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). A URI can be made up of several components, including the host name or IP address, port number, the path, and an optional query string. The AOS-CX operating system includes the AOS-CX REST API Reference, which is a web interface based on the Swagger UI. The AOS-CX REST API Reference provides the reference documentation for the REST API, including resources URIs, models, methods, and errors. The AOS-CX REST API Reference shows most of the supported read and write methods for all switch resources.