Unsupported transceiver support

Transceiver products (optical, DAC, AOCs) that are listed as supported by a switch model are detailed in the Transceiver Guide. Transceiver products that are not listed, are considered unsupported; this would include transceivers that are:

  • Non-Aruba branded products

  • HPE branded products that were designed for non-ArubaOS-CX switch models (e.g. Comware)

  • HPE branded products designated for use in HPE Compute Servers or Storage

  • Transceivers originally designated for use in Aruba WLAN controllers or former Mobility Access Switch (MAS) products

  • End-of-life Aruba Transceivers

The unsupported transceiver mode (UT-mode) is designed to allow the possible use of these unsupported products. Not all unsupported products can be recognized and enabled; they may be unable to be identified (do not follow the proper MSA standards for identification). These unsupported transceiver products are enabled only on a best-effort basis and there are no guarantees implied for their continued operation.

The feature is disabled by default. A periodic system log will be generated by default at an interval of 24 hours listing the ports on which unsupported transceivers are present. The log interval is configurable and can be disabled by setting the log-interval to none.