Bluetooth is connected but the switch is not reachable


The mobile device settings indicate that the device is connected to the switch through Bluetooth. However, the mobile application indicates that the switch is not reachable.

Solution 1

The mobile device is paired with a different nearby switch.

  1. Verify the model number and serial number of the switch to which you are attempting to connect.
  2. Use the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device to pair and connect the switch to your mobile device.

    If you are in range of multiple Bluetooth devices, more than one device is displayed on the list of available devices. Switches running the AOS-CX operating system are displayed in the following format:


    For example: 8325-987654X1234567 or 8320-AB12CDE123

    A switch supports one active Bluetooth connection at a time.

    On some Android devices, you might need to change the settings of the paired device to specify that it be used for Internet access.

Solution 2

The mobile device is connected to a different network—such as through a Wi-Fi connection—that conflicts with the subnet used for the switch Bluetooth connection.

Disconnect the mobile device from the network that is using the conflicting subnet.

For example, use the mobile device settings to turn off or disable Wi-Fi. If you choose to disable Wi-Fi on the mobile device, and you are not able to access cellular service, you will not be able to connect to the NetEdit server to import the switch, but you can still deploy a switch configuration.