checkpoint post-configuration


checkpoint post-configuration

no checkpoint post-configuration


Enables creation of system generated checkpoints when configuration changes occur. This feature is enabled by default.

The no form of this command disables system generated checkpoints.

Command context

Manager (#)


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


System generated checkpoints are automatically created by default. Whenever a configuration change occurs, the switch starts a timeout counter (300 seconds by default). For each additional configuration change, the timeout counter is restarted. If the timeout expires with no additional configuration changes being made, the switch generates a new checkpoint.

System generated checkpoints are named with the prefix CPC followed by a time stamp in the format <YYYYMMDDHHMMSS>. For example: CPC20170630073127.

System checkpoints can be applied using the checkpoint rollback feature or copy command.

A maximum of 32 system checkpoints can be created. Beyond this limit, the newest system checkpoint replaces the oldest system checkpoint.


Enabling system checkpoints:

switch(config)# checkpoint post-configuration

Disabling system checkpoints:

switch(config)# no checkpoint post-configuration