lldp select-tlv


lldp select-tlv <TLV-NAME>

no lldp select-tlv <TLV-NAME>


Selects a TLV that the LLDP agent will send and receive. By default, all supported TLVs are sent and received.

The no form of this command stops the LLDP agent from sending and receiving a specific TLV.

Command context



select-tlv <TLV-NAME>

Specifies the TLV name to send. The following TLV names are supported:

  • management-address: Selected as follows:

    1. IPv4 or IPV6 management address.

    2. IP address of the lowest configured loopback interface.

    3. If layer 3, then the route-only port IP address. If layer 2, the IP address of the SVI.

    4. OOBM interface IP address.

    5. Base MAC address of the switch.

  • port-description: A description of the port.

  • port-vlan-id: VLAN ID assigned to the port.

  • system-capabilities: Identifies the primary switch functions that are enabled, such as routing.

  • system-description: Description of the system, comprised of the following information: hardware serial number, hardware revision number, and firmware version.

  • system-name: Host name assigned to the switch.


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Stopping the LLDP agent from sending the port-description TLV:

switch(config)# no lldp select-tlv port-description

Enabling the LLDP agent to send the port-description TLV:

switch(config)# lldp select-tlv port-description