destination cpu


destination cpu

no destination cpu


The command causes the mirror session to transmit mirrored packets to the switch CPU. This destination may be configured for multiple sessions, however only one such configured session may be active at a given time.

The diagnostic utility Tshark may be used to view and capture packets transmitted to the CPU through this route. Ctrl+C must be entered to terminate a Tshark capture session. More details can be found in the Supportability Guide.

The no form of this command will immediately stops mirroring traffic to the CPU, but will not remove any sources from the mirror configuration.

Command context



Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Configuring a mirror session with CPU as the destination.

switch# config
switch(config)# mirror session 1
switch(config-mirror-1)# destination cpu

Removing the destination entirely.

switch(config-mirror-1)# no destination cpu