Configuring mDNS gateway

Perform the following steps to configure mDNS gateway:

  1. Create a service for the mDNS gateway with the mdns-sd service command.

    You can group multiple service IDs into a single service.

    Add description to the service and create service IDs with the following commands:

    1. Add a description to the service with the description command.
    2. Create unique service IDs with the id command.
  2. Create a profile to be applied on a VLAN with the mdns-sd profile command.
    1. Add rules to the profile with the <sequence-number> command.
  3. Enable mDNS gateway on a VLAN with the mdns-sd command.
  4. Apply a profile on the VLAN with the mdns-sd apply-profile tx command.
  5. Enable mDNS gateway globally with the mdns-sd enablecommand.