ip pim-sparse lan-prune-delay


ip pim-sparse lan-prune-delay

no ip pim-sparse lan-prune-delay


Enables the LAN prune delay option on the current interface. The default is enabled.

With LAN-prune-delay enabled, the router informs downstream neighbors how long it will wait before pruning a flow after receiving a prune request. Other downstream routers on the same interface must send a join to override the prune before the LAN-prune-delay time to continue the flow. Prompts any downstream neighbors with multicast receivers continuing to belong to the flow to reply with a join. If no joins are received after the LAN-prune-delay period, the router prunes the flow. The propagation-delay and override-interval settings determine the LAN-prune-delay setting.

The no form of this command disables the LAN prune delay option.

Command context





Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Enabling and disabling the LAN prune delay:

switch(config)# interface vlan 40
switch(config-if-vlan)# ip pim-sparse lan-prune-delay
switch(config-if-vlan)# no ip pim-sparse lan-prune-delay