Configuring egress port shaping

This example shows how to apply egress port shaping to an interface to limit the rate of egress traffic. Egress port shaping is configured by specifying the desired bandwidth rate in kilobits per second (kbps). An optional burst size in kilobytes (KB) may be configured for the Aruba 8400 switch. To be effective, the egress rate must be less than the line rate of the egress interface. If the configured egress rate exceeds the interface's line rate, then egress shaping has no effect.

The configured egress rate and burst on a specific interface can be found by using the show interface and show interface qos commands.

The following example configures an egress rate of 100 Mbps and a burst of 70 KB.

switch(config)# interface 1/1/1
switch(config-if)# qos shape 100000 burst 70

In the next example, both egress port shaping and egress queue shaping are configured on the same interface.

The example creates a schedule profile named EQSExample with strict priority for all seven queues. Queue 7 is configured with a bandwidth limit of 300 Mbps and a burst of 120 KB. The profile is then applied to interface 1/1/1 with egress port shaping of 400 Mbps and a burst size of 80 KB. As egress queue shaping and egress port shaping are both configured on port 1/1/1, egress queue shaping is subject to the lower port or queue shape rate. The effective bandwidth for the traffic egressing on queue 7 will be 300 Mbps and the effective burst will be 80 KB.

switch(config)# qos schedule-profile EQSExample
switch(config-schedule)# strict queue 0
switch(config-schedule)# strict queue 1
switch(config-schedule)# strict queue 2
switch(config-schedule)# strict queue 3
switch(config-schedule)# strict queue 4
switch(config-schedule)# strict queue 5
switch(config-schedule)# strict queue 6
switch(config-schedule)# strict queue 7 max-bandwidth 300000 burst 120
switch(config-schedule)# exit
switch(config)# interface 1/1/1
switch(config-if)# apply qos schedule-profile EQSExample
switch(config-if)# qos shape 400000 burst 80