qos dscp-map


qos dscp-map <CODE-POINT> local-priority <PRIORITY-NUMBER> [color <COLOR>] [cos COS-CODE-POINT] [name <DESCRIPTION>]

no qos dscp-map <CODE-POINT>


Defines the local priority assigned to incoming packets for a specific IP differentiated services code point (DSCP) value. The DSCP map values are used to prioritize incoming packets when QoS trust mode is set to dscp.

To see the default DSCP map settings, use the following command:

switch# show qos dscp-map default
code_point local_priority cos color   name
---------- -------------- --- ------- ----
0          1                  green   CS0
1          1                  green
2          1                  green
3          1                  green
4          1                  green
5          1                  green
45         5                  green
46         5                  green   EF
47         5                  green
48         6                  green   CS6
61         7                  green
62         7                  green
63         7                  green

The no form of this command restores the assignments for a code point to the default setting.

Command context




Specifies an IP differentiated services code point. Range: 0 to 63. Default: 0.

local-priority <PRIORITY-NUMBER>

Specifies a local priority value to associate with the CODE-POINT value. Range: 0 to 7. Default: 0.

color <COLOR>

Reserved for future use.


Specifies an 802.1 VLAN priority CoS remark value. Range: 0 to 7. Default 0


Specifies a description for the DSCP setting. The name is used for identification only, and has no effect on queue configuration. Range: 1 to 64 alphanumeric characters, including period (.), underscore (_), and hyphen (-).


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Setting code point 1 to a local priority of 2 and a CoS of 0:

switch(config)# qos dscp-map 1 local-priority 2 cos 0

Setting code point 1 to the default value:

switch(config)# no qos dscp-map 1