apply qos threshold-profile


apply qos <THRESHOLD-NAME>

no apply qos schedule-profile 


Applies a threshold profile globally to all Ethernet and LAG interfaces on the switch, or to a specific interface. When applied globally, the specified threshold profile is configured only on Ethernet interfaces and LAGs that do not already have their own schedule profile.

The same profile can be applied both globally and locally to an interface. This guarantees that an interface always uses the specified threshold profile, even if the global profile is changed.

The no form of this command removes the specified threshold profile from an interface, and causes it to use the global threshold profile. This is the only way to remove a threshold profile override from an interface. A profile can only be deleted once it is no longer applied to any interface.

Command context






Specifies the name of the threshold profile to apply. Range: 1 to 64 alphanumeric characters, including period (.), underscore (_), and hyphen (-).


Administrators or local user group members with execution rights for this command.


Applying the threshold profile mythreshold to all interfaces that do not have an applied profile:

switch(config)# apply qos threshold-profile mythreshold