AOS-CX 10.07 Diagnostics and Supportability (6200 Switch Series)

Switch system and hardware commands

Commands to monitor your switch and network environment

Log rotation

Rotate and archive log files to reduce disk space requirements

Service OS

Fix filesystem corruption, update firmware, and manage support related issues

About This Document

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Supportability copy commands

Copy daemon and feature-related information for further analysis

WebUI and REST API issues

Troubleshoot Web UI and REST API access issues

The HPE Movement Towards Inclusive Terminology

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As part of advancing HPE's commitment to racial justice, we are taking a much-needed step in overhauling HPE engineering terminology to reflect our belief system of diversity and inclusion. Some legacy products and publications may continue to include terminology that seemingly evokes bias against specific groups of people. Such content is not representative of our HPE culture and these samples will be archived as and when the related products reach end of life.

What's New

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