Logging into the switch for the first time

The first time you log in to the switch you must use the default administrator account. This account has no password, so you will be prompted on login to define one to safeguard the switch.


  1. When prompted to log in, specify admin. When prompted for the password, press ENTER. (By default, no password is defined.)
  2. For example:

    switch login: admin password:
  3. Define a password for the admin account. The password can contain up to 32 alphanumeric characters in the range ASCII 32 to 127, which includes special characters such as asterisk (*), ampersand (&), exclamation point (!), dash (-), underscore (_), and question mark (?).
  4. For example:

    Please configure the 'admin' user account password. Enter new password: ******* Confirm new password: ******* switch#
  5. You are placed into the manager command context, which is identified by the prompt: switch#, where switch is the model number of the switch. Enter the command config to change to the global configuration context config.
  6. For example:

    switch# config switch(config)#