Configuring IRDP


A layer 3 interface.


  1. Enable IRDP on an interface with the command ip irdp.
  2. Set the maximum hold time with the command ip irdp holdtime.
  3. Set the maximum router advertisement interval with the command ip irdp maxadvertinterval.
  4. Set the minimum router advertisement interval with the command ip irdp minadvertinterval.
  5. Set the IRDP preference level with the command ip irdp preference.
  6. Review IRDP configuration settings with the command show ip irdp.


This example creates the following configuration:

  • Enables IRDP on the layer 3 interface 1/1/1 with packet type set to broadcast.
  • Sets the hold time to 5000 seconds.
  • Sets the advertisement interval to 30 seconds.
  • Sets the minimum advertisement interval to 25 seconds.
  • Sets the IRDP preference level to 25.

switch(config)# interface 1/1/1

switch(config-if)# ip irdp broadcast

switch(config-if)# ip irdp holdtime 5000

switch(config-if)# ip irdp maxadvertinterval 30

switch(config-if)# ip irdp minadvertinterval 25

switch(config-if)# ip irdp preference 25