Applicable products

This document applies to the following products:

  • Aruba 6200 Switch Series (JL724A, JL725A, JL726A, JL727A, JL728A)
  • Aruba 6300 Switch Series (JL658A, JL659A, JL660A, JL661A, JL662A, JL663A, JL664A, JL665A, JL666A, JL667A, JL668A, JL762A)
  • Aruba 6400 Switch Series (JL741A, R0X26A, R0X27A, R0X29A, R0X30A)
  • Aruba 8320 Switch Series (JL479A, JL579A, JL581A)
  • Aruba 8325 Switch Series (JL624A, JL625A, JL626A, JL627A)
  • Aruba 8360 Switch Series (JL700A, JL701A, JL702A, JL703A, JL706A, JL707A, JL708A, JL709A, JL710A, JL711A)
  • Aruba 8400 Switch Series (JL375A, JL376A)