system internal-vlan-range

system internal-vlan-range {<VLAND-ID>-<VLAN-ID> | none} [confirm]

no system internal-vlan-range {<VLAND-ID>-<VLAN-ID> | none} [confirm]


Configures the VLAN range reserved for internal use for route-only ports and LAGs. The internal VLAN range cannot include any VLANs that are already in use.

If the number of internal VLANs is less than the number of route-only ports and LAGs, some ports will be blocked and unable to be used. When the internal VLAN range is modified, traffic on route-only ports and LAGs is briefly interrupted while they are moved to the new range.

The no' form of this command sets the range to the default range:

  • 9300 Switch series: 4041 to 4094




Specifies the starting and ending VLAN number for the range. The reserved range must be between 2 and 4094 and cannot exceed 256 VLANs.


Do not reserve any internal VLANs.


Automatically acknowledge warning and skip confirmation prompt.


Setting a new internal VLAN range:

switch(config)# system internal-vlan-range 3041-3094 This will briefly interrupt traffic. Continue (y/n)?

Setting a new internal VLAN range, skipping the prompt:

switch(config)# system internal-vlan-range 3041-3094 confirm

Removing all internal VLANs:

switch(config)# system internal-vlan-range none

Removing all internal VLANs when some are in use:

switch(config)# system internal-vlan-range none All route-only ports and LAGs will be blocked. Continue (y/n)?

For more information on features that use this command, refer to the Layer 2 Bridging Guide for your switch model.

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10.07 or earlier


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