AOS-CX Switch Software Documentation Portal

About this portal...

The AOS-CX Documentation Portal hosts user documentation and support resources for AOS-CX wired switches for the network edge, campus core, or data center. Online resources for all AOS-CX switches can be viewed through the links in this portal, including release notes, hardware installation guides, and all AOS-CX User Guides, including the AOS-CX Fundamentals Guides, Security Guides, CLI Reference Guides and Monitoring Guides. Most information is available in both PDF and HTML formats.

Select a product tile on this page to view a list of available documentation for that product. Click Support at the top of this page to view options for Aruba technical support, or click Knowledge Base to view articles in the Aruba Support Knowledge Base or join a conversation on the Aruba Airheads community discussion boards.

Additional Resources

Download the latest AOS-CX Software from the Aruba Support Portal.

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