Enables the use of v2 modules in the switch. Before enabling v2 support, the command determines whether any of the v3-native features are configured. This command is active only in v3–native mode.

V3 modules cannot be changed to v2-compatibility mode when there are v3-specific configuration settings. Use the command 'show running-config v3-specific' to display the settings that must be changed before enabling v2 module support.

Unconfigure all v3-only features before moving to compatibility mode.

If the v3-native configuration is not present, the device reboots with the non-v3 configuration and issues the following message:This command will save the running configuration and reboot the system with all V3 modules operating in v2-compatibility mode.Continue (y/n)?



Erases the entire configuration and reboots the switch with either the custom default configuration (if it is available) or the factory default configuration. The command with the erase option is active only in v3–native mode.


allow-v2-modules erase

More Information

To list the v3-native configurations present in the current configuration, see show running-config v3-specific.