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ClearPass 6.6

ClearPass 6.6.0 introduces a new Ingress Event Engine to process Syslog events from third parties, new REST APIs, the ability to extract an auth session ID from the CiscoAVPair VSA, and an updated Insight interface with new and custom reports.

ClearPass Guest 6.6 User Guide

ClearPass Policy Manager 6.6 User Guide

Installing ClearPass 6.6 on a VM

Upgrading to ClearPass 6.6

ClearPass 6.7

ClearPass 6.7.0 supports new license models and REST API, AWS compute as a virtual appliance platform, device validation about a Common Criteria common protection profile, and expands support for IPv6.

ClearPass Guest 6.7 User Guide

ClearPass Policy Manager 6.7 User Guide

Installing ClearPass 6.7 on a VM

Upgrading to ClearPass 6.7

ClearPass Policy Manager 6.7 Getting Started Guide

ClearPass 6.7 Deployment Guide

ClearPass 6.8

ClearPass 6.8.0 provides support for MSPK and RadSec, Clearpass Device Insight integration with Aruba Central, Galleria v2 configuration options for guest and user portals, and context servers using PostAuthv2.

ClearPass Guest 6.8 User Guide

ClearPass Policy Manager 6.8 User Guide

Installing ClearPass 6.8 on a VM

Upgrading to ClearPass 6.8

ClearPass Policy Manager 6.8 Getting Started Guide

ClearPass 6.8 Deployment Guide

ClearPass 6.9

ClearPass 6.9.0 introduces IPv6 support for RADIUS TACACS+ and Clustering, validation against IPv6 Ready and USGv6 profiles, enhanced language support for workflows, and provides Cisco iPSK support and syslog messages in RFC 5242 format.

ClearPass Guest 6.9 User Guide

ClearPass Policy Manager 6.9 User and Getting Started Guide

ClearPass 6.9 Installation Guide

ClearPass 6.9 Deployment Guide

ClearPass 6.10

Significant features for ClearPass 6.10.0 include inclusive language and IPv6 admin UI updates, extension monitoring and reporting, use of dual certificates for HTTPS (RSA and EC) and new documentation formats.

ClearPass Policy Manager 6.10 Help Portal

ClearPass 6.10 Installation Guide

ClearPass Guest 6.10 User Guide

ClearPass 6.11

ClearPass 6.11.0 introduces Native Azure AD authorization, support for TLSv1.3 HTTPS and IPV6 RADSec, CAPPORT (RFC 8952) support in guest portals, and REST API conversion of many legacy APIs.

ClearPass Policy Manager 6.11 Help Portal

ClearPass 6.11 Installation Guide

ClearPass Guest 6.11 User Guide

ClearPass 6.12

ClearPass 6.12.0 introduces negative filtering in Access Tracker and other Access Tracker improvements, offline ClearPass Extensions, expanded Entra ID support, and TLS version selection through the CLI.

ClearPass Policy Manager 6.12 Help Portal

ClearPass 6.12 Installation Guide

ClearPass Guest 6.12 User Guide

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