Importing Certificates

You can import the following types of certificates into the managed device:

Certificates can be in the following formats:

  • X509 PEM unencrypted
  • X509 PEM encrypted with a key
  • DER
  • PKCS7 encrypted
  • PKCS12 encrypted

You cannot export certificates from the managed device.

The following procedure describes how to import certificates into the managed device:

  1. In the Managed Network node hierarchy, navigate to the Configuration > System > Certificates tab
  2. Expand the Import Certificates accordion.
  3. In the Import Certificates table click +.
  4. For Certificate Name, enter a user-defined name.
  5. For Certificate Filename, click Browse to navigate to the appropriate file on your computer.
  6. If the certificate is encrypted, enter and repeat the passphrase.
  7. Select the Certificate Format from the drop-down list.
  8. Select the Certificate Type from the drop-down list.
  9. Click Submit.
  10. Click Pending Changes.
  11. In the Pending Changes window, select the required check box and click Deploy changes.

The following CLI Command-Line Interface. A console interface with a command line shell that allows users to execute text input as commands and convert these commands to appropriate functions. command imports CSR Certificate Signing Request. In PKI systems, a CSR is a message sent from an applicant to a CA to apply for a digital identity certificate. certificates:

crypto pki-import {der|pem|pfx|pkcs12|pkcs7} {PublicCert|ServerCert|TrustedCA} <name>

The following example imports a server certificate named cert_20 in DER format:
crypto pki-import der ServerCert cert_20