Potential Issues

The Potential Issues page displays the total number of wireless clients and radios that may have potential issues in the network. You can click on the total number to view the trend of the clients and radios with potential issues in the last 15 minutes. You can also view the number of clients or radios that have a specific potential issue in each radio band.

The potential issues that a client may have are:

Low SNR: clients that have signal to noise ratio of 30 dBm or lower.
Low speed: clients that have a connection speed of 36 Mbps or lower.
Low goodput: clients that have an average data rate of 24 Mbps or lower.

The potential issues that a radio may have are:

High noise floor: radios that have a noise floor of -85 dB or greater.
Busy channel: radios that have a channel utilization of 80% or greater.
High interference: radios that have an interference of 20% or greater.
High client association: radios that have 15 or more clients connected.

You can click on the hyperlinked number to view the details of the respective clients or radios in the bottom pane of the page in the Clients with potential issues or Radios with potential issues section. This section has two views, Listing and Trend.

The Listing view displays clients with potential issues as a list in a table format. You can sort by clicking a column header of the table based on the entries on the active column.

The Trend view displays the radios with potential issues in a chart.

The following figure shows the Potential Issues page:

Figure 1  Potential Issues Page