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ap image-preload

ap image-preload activate all-aps|specific-aps

add {ap-group <ap-group> | ap-name <ap-name>}



delete {ap-group <ap-group> | ap-name <ap-name>}

[partition <part-num>

[max-downloads <max-downloads>]


Configure APs to preload a new software image from a managed device before it starts actively running the new image.





Issue the ap image-preload activate command to activate this feature, allowing APs in the preload list to start downloading their new image from the managed device.


All APs will be allowed to pre-download the image.


Only APs in the preload list will be allowed to preload the image.


Add individual APs or AP groups to the list of APs allowed to preload the image.

ap-group <group>

Add a group of APs to the preload list.

ap-name <name>

Add an individual AP to the preload list.


Cancel the AP preload and clear the preload list. Any APs downloading a new image at the time this command is issued will continue to download the file.


Clear all APs from the preload list.


Delete an individual AP or AP group from the preload list.

NOTE: This command may be issued before or after preloading is activated. If it is executed after preloading has already been activated, any APs downloading a new image at the time this command is issued will continue to download the file. APs that are still waiting to preload will be removed from the preload list.

ap-group <group>

Remove the specified group of APs from the preload list

ap-name <name>

Remove an individual AP from the preload list

partition <partition-num>

Specify the partition from which the APs should download their images. By default, the APs will preload images from the default boot partition of the managed device.

max-downloads <max-downloads>

Specify the maximum number of APs that can simultaneously download their image from the managed device. The default value is ten APs.

Usage Guidelines

The AP image preload feature minimizes the downtime required for a Mobility Master upgrade by allowing the APs to download the new images before the Mobility Master actually starts running the new version.

This feature allows you to select the maximum number of APs that are allowed to preload the new software image at any one time, thereby reducing the possibility that the Mobility Master may get overloaded or that network traffic may be impacted by all APs on the Mobility Master attempting to download a new image at once.

APs can continue normal operation while they are downloading their new software version. When the download completes, the AP sends a message to the Mobility Master, informing it that the AP has either successfully downloaded the new software version, or that the preload has failed for some reason. If the download fails, the AP will retry the download after a brief waiting period.

You can allow every AP on a managed device to preload a new software version, or also create a custom list of AP groups or individual APs that can use this feature. If a new AP associates to the managed device while the AP image download feature is active, the managed device will check the name and group of that AP to see if it appears in the preload list. If an AP is on the list, (and does not already have the specified image in its Flash memory) that AP will start preloading its image.


Once a software version has been downloaded by an AP, another version cannot be downloaded until the AP reboots.


The following command enables the image preload feature and adds the APs in the AP groups corp1 and corp2 to the preload list.

(host)[mynode](config)#ap image-preload activate specific-aps

(host)[mynode](config)#add ap-group corp1

(host)[mynode](config)#add ap-group corp2

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